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6 Ways to Make Your Hotel Room Theft-Proof


There are always risks that come with traveling such as the risk of hotel room theft. It is widely known that thieves often target tourists wherever they can, whether it is in a crowded marketplace or in hotel rooms. So here are my 6 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR HOTEL ROOM THEFT-PROOF. Keep reading.

Despite the superior locks system of every hotel in the Philippines, there is still a chance of thieves breaking into your hotel room. To prevent this from happening to you when you travel, here are some ways to make your hotel room theft proof.

Make your room look occupied and busy

One tip to prevent thieves from targeting your hotel room is to always make it look occupied even if you are out. You can do this by hanging your “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door before leaving the hotel room. You can also opt to leave a radio or television on if you are not going to be out for too long. Giving the impression that your room is occupied will ensure that no one attempts to break in while you are not in the room.

Avoid getting ground floor rooms

If given the choice, avoid staying a hotel room on the ground floor as much as possible. Most cases of hotel room theft occur on the ground floor since this is the most accessible floor. If your hotel room is on the ground floor and has windows or doors that open to the hotel’s exterior, thieves are more likely to get away with stealing from your room. Thus, it would be best to stay in a hotel room on the third floor and above.

Choose hotels with electronic locks

Nowadays, the most commonly used type of hotel locks system in the Philippines is the electronic locks system. When choosing which hotel to book, try to find one that makes use of electronic locks. Electronic locks are significantly safer than traditional ones since electronic systems automatically change the passcode with every new guest.

Thus, there is little to no chance of someone duplicating your room key. Additionally, thieves would not be able to pick your lock the old fashioned way. If you have no choice but to stay in a place that makes use of traditional locks, watch out for how the hotel staff handles the keys at the reception desk.

If the staff just leaves room keys out in the open for anyone to grab, this is a tell-tale sign that the hotel’s security system is not the best. Thus, remember to research everything you can about a hotel’s security before booking a room there.

Use anti-theft devices

Another way to make your hotel room theft proof is to use anti-theft devices designed especially for travelers. Besides the usual luggage lock, other anti-theft devices you can use include laptop cable locks, portable door alarms, slash-proof bags, and more. Laptop cable locks can be used to lock your laptop down to a desk or any stable piece of furniture. As for portable door alarms, there are doorstops that are designed to alarm when someone is trying to force their way into your room. These are just some of the many anti-theft devices that you can use to give you peace of mind while traveling.

Ensure the security of your hotel room safe

One of the most common security features of hotels is to place a safe in each room. However, remember to inspect the safe before you go ahead and place your valuables inside. For instance, make sure the safe is bolted down and cannot be carried away. You should also check if there is any grease or wax placed on the keys of the safe since thieves use this to see which numbers you use for your passcode.

Place all valuables out of sight before leaving

Another tip is to keep all of your valuables out of sight and in a secure place before leaving. That way, thieves will have a difficult time getting to your valuables even if they somehow get into your room.

One way to secure your belongings is to place them in your luggage and lock it every time before leaving. It might seem like a hassle to pack up and lock your luggage every time, but it is important to stay vigilant when avoiding theft while traveling.

You could even go a step further by using zip ties or cables to lock your luggage down to a pipe or stable piece of furniture. However, keep in mind that these tips are only fail-proof if your suitcase is slash-proof.

Key Takeaway

The key to keeping your hotel room theft proof is to know the tactics thieves use and take preventative measures against these. Many of these measures can seem hassle and unnecessary, but it is always best to ensure your safety as well as the safety of your hard-earned belongings. I hope you enjoyed reading through my 6 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR HOTEL ROOM THEFT-PROOF. Keep travelling and be safe.

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  • Hey, Today theft of lost of your valuable things are leading day by day. So to be safe antitheft strategies are helpful. Very nice and informative article.

  • Hello Praven,

    Really you have introduced with great facts while choosing a perfect room in hotel. Hotel is also a integral part of our life, several time seen people get stuck in few circumstances due to bad selection and lack of information.

    We must try to lock properly door of room due to privacy and theft proof. Ground floor becomes easy for stranger or thieves to steal your precious things. Eventually, thanks for sharing your incredible facts with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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