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6 Ways To Get Your Winter Body Ready For Summer

 6 Ways To Get Your Winter Body Ready For Summer

I hope you kept yourself fit and healthy during this hard winter season. If not, check out this earlier psot to get some tips for Winter Fitness – Ways To Stay Fit in Winter. With beach season still months away, you might be feeling comfortable buried underneath layers of clothing that hide those extra pounds gained thanks to myriad holiday season celebrations. You’re probably thinking that there’s still plenty of time to start hitting the gym and cutting down on guilty pleasures while devouring those chocolate chip cookies and watching Netflix. However, a month of excessive exercise, small meal portions, and healthy lifestyle hashtags will not be enough to get you that rocking summer body that you can’t wait to show off. This is why you need to change your tactic, keep the following tips in mind, and start working on your summer body as soon as possible. So without further ado, here are our 6 Ways To Get Your Winter Body Ready For Summer!!!

Get moving

First of all, get off your couch and start walking instead of taking a cab or driving everywhere you go. Yes, winter can be gloomy and scary and freezing, but there is so much more to it. Schedule a snowball fight with your friends on the weekend, go skating or hiking, or just go for a romantic evening walk down the street. One of the primary reasons why we gain weight during the winter season is because we’re reluctant to leave our apartment. Use your phone to track your daily movement.

Give your fridge a makeover

As we slip into the colder days, we unconsciously veer away from healthy eating habits and give into the long-lasting Christmas spirit of overeating. It’s time to purge your fridge of comfort foods and excess alcohol and instead start emphasizing some serious self-care and self-control. Clean eating is the most important part of prepping for your beach body, and no hard-core gym session can make a difference without it. Stuff your fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables, protein shakes, and all the ingredients you need for a nutritious homemade meal whenever you’re facing the dilemma of whether to order takeaway. Most importantly, don’t make the rookie mistake of skipping meals, as this will only do you wrong in the long run. Eating on schedule up to five times a day will boost your metabolism and make you strong, energetic, and ready for exercise at any time of day.

Get a gym buddy

This is our 2nd best method in the list of 6 Ways To Get Your Winter Body Ready For Summer. Motivation is problem number one throughout the process of getting back in shape, particularly during the cold season. If self-motivating practice isn’t cutting it for you, get yourself a gym buddy! Company and friendly competition are best drives to success. A friend, a colleague, a family member, or just someone you bonded with during the sweaty gym session last week, a “swolemate” will definitely help you get back in shape and avoid becoming the classic gym-quitter that we all tend to be in the post-holiday season.

Buy new workout clothes

The mirror image of you lifting those dumbbells in your oversized pajamas and your hair up in a messy ponytail doesn’t really boost your self-confidence, does it? Reward yourself with some stylish gym accessories and opt for some amazing compression tights for a stunning yet comfortable gym look. Looking good while getting your look back is the best way to go!              

Exercise at home

It’s January, and you don’t feel like getting out of bed early to hit the gym or a park trail every or even every other day. You spend time eagerly waiting for that text from your gym buddy saying that they feel the same, which makes you feel better about your own procrastination. Well, you should both still feel guilty, because it’s no excuse not to make your own gym session right in the coziness of your home. Your at-home fitness routine can range from walking up and down the stairs to fixing up a mini workout station in the corner of your room.

Plan a summer vacation

Put on your best summer outfit, get online, and start planning your summer vacation. What’s a better motivation than picturing yourself sunbathing on the beach in the most exotic place in the world? You don’t want to have to crop that picture in order to hide your winter belly.  

Getting your summer body isn’t easy after the marathon of holidays, including warm and cozy stay-in weekends and indulgent meals. However, it’s time to battle the winter blues and get excited about the sunny weather that will creep up on us sooner that we think. Above are out 6 Ways To Get Your Winter Body Ready For Summer and be back on track and have your body ready for those hot summer days! 

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