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6 Modern Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Are you looking for a new and more modern way to style your bedroom? Do you plan on going shopping soon for bedroom furniture in the Philippines? Well then, this article will give you 6 modern design ideas to spruce up your bedroom.

Modern design is known for its clean and functional style. It values the functionality of each piece of furniture, fixture, and item used to style a home. The trick to successfully creating a modern designed bedroom is being able to balance the cold lines with warmer accents. Explore professional luxury furniture brands in order to find the best pieces for your modern bedroom.


What are modern design ideas to spruce up your bedroom? Read on!

Minimalism: Form Follows Function

If you are the type of person who prefers simplicity in your life then minimalism is for you. Minimalism is another type of design that values functionality. It is known for its clean lines and exposed architectural elements. If you are interested in this style, go for furniture with a simple design and that has clean lines on its furnishing.

Modern design and minimalism also both make use of clean lines. Clean lines and geometric-shaped furniture are another modern design idea that you might be interested in.

Clean Lines and Geometric Shapes

The modern style highly prizes the creation of curves and geometric shapes through various materials such as wood and steel. Specially-shaped furniture is a fun and interesting way to incorporate modern design into your bedroom. You can choose to put in a geometrically-shaped wooden bedside table or even a curved sofa inside of your bedroom.

Another factor of modern design that you need to know is that it makes use of neutral colors and bright accents.

Neutral Colors and Bright Accents

Modern design makes use of neutral colors in order to better highlight the simplicity of a room. This means making use of browns, whites, and blacks for furniture as well as in terms of the wall color. All you need to remember is to pair the neutral colors up with bright accents in specific areas of your room to balance everything out. You could add in a bright purple lining on your bed in order to give your bedroom more character.

Modern design is able to incorporate a variety of colors into its design because of the fact that it makes use of exposed material. This adds a more rustic look into a room.

Natural Materials

The reason for the ability of modern design to combine different colors in one room is because it makes use of different materials into one primary design. Your bedroom could have an exposed concrete wall with wooden headboards as a part of your bed. You could even put up a statement chair with steel legs and a wooden frame.

Besides natural materials, further enhance the luxurious vibe of your room by adding in modernized antique fixtures.

Modernized Antique Fixtures

Turn your bedroom into your very own personal museum by decorating it with pieces of art such as modernized antique fixtures and large paintings. Purchase wooden antique clocks that can further add to the neutral colors in your room. Or put up a bronze wall sculpture to add an aura of grandeur to your bedroom.

Make sure that before you buy a piece of luxury furniture, you envision how it will look when put it together with other elements in your bedroom. The goal is to create a simple look that can still keep you calm and relaxed.

Add Elements To Soothe

The simplicity of modern design can be mistaken for a cold feeling in a room. In order to prevent this, strategically place elements that can give the room a warmer feeling. Make use of soft lighting paired with plush bedding to give you comfort. Make sure you buy a comfortable mattress from a trusted luxury furniture company in order to give you the most ideal experience.

These are just a few tips and tricks to spruce up your bedroom with a modern design. Envision how the style of your bedroom will seamlessly flow into the other parts of your home. 

Key Takeaway

The design of a bedroom will need your time and careful effort as it will be a room that you constantly use in your everyday life. A bedroom should be able to encapsulate the style of the rest of your home as well as cater to your personal preferences. Gather inspiration from this list to think of your own modern design ideas that can enhance the feel of your bedroom.

Take these tips into consideration as you go shopping for bedroom furniture in the Philippines that will suit your style and answer your daily needs. Make sure that you only purchase from luxury furniture manufacturers in order to find reliable yet stylish pieces perfect for your bedroom. I hope these 6 modern design ideas to spruce up your bedroom gave you some new thoughts to better your bedroom look and feel.

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  • Hello Praveen,

    Simple and sleek, modern bedrooms are one of the most popular style choices for sleeping space design.

    The low slung platform bed has become a highly desired piece of modern bedroom furniture, and they come in a whole host of designs and finishes.

    Create a stunning headboard feature wall using light and shade can be great choice for your bedroom from my opinion. Eventually, thanks for adding much value to this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  • Thanks for sharing! They are so useful. I like the idea of adding elements to soothe. Actually, I love the simplicity, but as you said, it creates a cold feeling in a room. Your idea of using soft lighting like plush bedding is so great. I think it will work well to solve the issue I am wondering.

    I will also add some ideas into my own project on bedroom staging.


  • Excellent thoughts Praveen, and a great list to help people picking out stylish bedroom furniture. I agree that it’s super important to choose brands that are reputable as you want your investment to last a long time. I’m sure it’s different which brands to search for depending on where in the world you live, since not all brands are available everywhere. Here in the US there are so many manufacturers to choose from it makes it hard to pick! Thanks for the inspiration!

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