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5 Tips to Personalize Your Wedding Reception

5 Tips to Personalize Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding is probably one of the most important moments in your life. It will feature you and your significant other as you go through the ceremony and the celebration that is your wedding. Food catering, venues, decorations—everything should be perfect.

A wedding is a day of celebration. When two people swear an oath to always love and stay by each other’s side, that’s something that will at least result in the warm hearts and the genuine smiles of your relatives.

That being said, weddings can be quite monotonous—especially if you’ve already gone to a few of your own. You’ll see patterns on how weddings are done, so at some point, you’ll begin to expect things—and maybe your guests will feel the same way.

To make your wedding unique and different from the very common ones, it’s highly preferred that you personalize your wedding—particularly the wedding reception.

By making your wedding reception embody you and your significant other as a couple, you add another layer of excitement and uniqueness to the whole celebration.

That being said, here are 5 Tips to Personalize your wedding reception!

Specialty Food

When in doubt, bring good food. Or so some wedding planners say. A lot of people would prefer the usual very elegant or classy type of catering that’s typical to every wedding, however, you don’t necessarily have to always settle for that. in fact, you can bring in just about any food that you want because hey, that’s your wedding.

So, if McDonald’s has been a big part of your relationship, or if you want a particular food truck in your wedding reception that’s way off of your theme, then go on ahead! It’s a great way to add diversity to your wedding.

The Guest Book

Every time you go to a wedding, chances are a small book or notebook will be handed to you. That book is usually filled with portraits and pictures of the wedding couple and acts as a dedication book. You’re handed a marker and encouraged to write something for them.

Again, to personalize your wedding reception, even more, you can switch things up a bit. Instead of a book, how about a trophy, a pyramid, a vase or a figurine? Make it fun for you and your guests, while also preserving the purpose of the guest book.

Unique Venue Decorations

One of the craziest, and probably funniest, things that you can do is to turn your wedding reception upside down. Instead of the typical program that showcases the wedding couple, why not make it all about fun instead—since it’s already a given that the day is all about the couple.

This means you can put in some events and activities for your program. For example, if you can exchange the usual speech of the father-in-law with a rap battle between the two. It’s unconventional yes, but if it’s something that will make people happy, then why not do it?

Interesting Wedding Vows

Often the most memorable and iconic part of a wedding, aside from the kiss, is the recitation of the wedding vows. Even if it’s just a memorized, or a read vow, it will still bring a sense of love and contentment both to the wedding couple, and the audience that they have.

But what if you take it a step further?

Since the wedding vows are such an important part of the wedding, you can incorporate it into the backdrop or the reception design as well.

Use the vows instead of a red carpet, so that you’re literally standing on the words as you listen to what they have to say. Much better, your vows are written on a beautiful piece of cloth that will now stand the test of time reminding you both that these are your vows every day.

Personalized Favors

The wedding reception is a time where you celebrate the marriage of two people. It’s when you spend time with some of your closest friends and family. But as with every other celebration, fun and happiness will have to stop, and people will have to leave to go home.

And what better way to solidify their experience of your wedding reception than by providing a unique, personalized wedding favor? You can provide very personalized items such as hand-written letters, unique goodie bags, or even a playlist in CDs or cassettes.

Key Takeaway

I hope you found these 5 Tips to personalize your wedding reception article useful. Your wedding should be perfect in almost every aspect. But that doesn’t mean it should be perfect in the eyes of all your many guests. In fact, if you really think about it, the only people that you should satisfy are yourself and your significant other.

Remember that it’s your wedding. Food catering, ambiance, decorations, and everything part of the wedding is all for you to decide, so don’t be afraid to test different things out to make your wedding the best one it can be!

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    • Actually, you’re absolutely right. Because when I came across this blog post on 5 tips to personalize your wedding reception and I must say that it was a pleasure to read. These tips are practical, unique, and creative, making it easy for couples to add a personal touch to their special day.

      I especially appreciated your emphasis on incorporating personal details, such as foods, wedding vows, decoration, personalized flavors and guest book, into the wedding reception. This not only adds a personalized touch but also creates a memorable experience for guests.

      The writing style is engaging and concise, making it easy to follow and understand your tips. Overall, I found this blog post informative and inspiring, and I look forward to reading more of your content in the future.

      I would definitely say thanks for sharing the expertise and knowledge on this topic.

  • Amazing tips you have here, Praveen! Not to mention, the graphics are outstanding — it’s the first thing I noticed when I stumbled upon the article. I have to say, what you wrote here sums everything up and it is helpful to all brides and grooms-to-be out there, including me. Thank you for breaking it down so well and it seems you really know about weddings. Great job! Cheers!

  • I liked your suggestion about getting some special food catered for your wedding. Like you said that can help make your wedding stand out and be more fun. This is good to know because my sister is starting to plan her wedding.

  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.
    But I guess personalized flowers for decoration will be a great idea and a special cake for the reception will make your wedding more special.

  • wow, Parveen! your suggestions are just awesome to make the reception function different. I am a wedding planner and these tips will definitely help me a lot during my work. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Parvi! your suggestions are just awesome to make the reception function different. I am a wedding planner and these tips will definitely help me a lot during my work. Thank you for sharing this.

  • I like the suggestion to bring good food. That will all be based upon the wedding caterers. My fiancee and I are currently planing the catering part. We both love Japanese cuisine so I will seriously take the heavy part of your advice and put Japanese-themed food for our reception.

  • I love your tip about making a reception about fun and doing something like a rap battle between the fathers. My sister just got engaged two weeks ago while hiking with her boyfriend looking for wildflowers. For their wedding, they’d like to hire an artist who can create a unique picture of their special event.

  • My cousin wants to get married in the Winter. Getting a professional to help them could be really useful for them. I liked what you said about the different wedding decorations.

  • Very nice and formative Article your write in this post. I think A cocktail hour & Location is an important part of your wedding day because it gives the photographer time to photograph the couple and their wedding reception. If you’re worried that you’re bored waiting for the bride and groom to enter their grand entrance, there are fun activities that you can plan while you wait for them, especially if you’re traveling for more than an hour. The whole bar and great snacks will certainly be enjoyed by your friends and family, but with the addition of games and activities, you will surely become the best host of all time. Here we share eight great ways to keep your guests at work while taking pictures.

  • some great tips in here, I’m all for couples being themselves and reflecting this in their wedding choices be it the decor or music etc. why stick to traditions if they are not something that refect you as a couple

  • […] Preparing your happy day doesn’t have to be stressful and annoying. The day of your wedding is all about love and celebration. The preparation for it should be too. You should just relax, follow these tips, and have the time of your life while tying the knot. I hope these 9 tips for planning a perfect wedding gave you some ideas and helped you to plan accordingly. For further reading, here are 5 tips to personalize your wedding reception. […]

  • My little sister got engaged at the start of March. She wants to start planning her wedding. She and her fiancee want to have a unique wedding that everyone will remember their wedding. I liked your suggestion about having a unique wedding favors. It is might be smart for them to look into getting a live band to play at their wedding as well.

  • My sister is thinking about getting married in the Summer and she is thinking about moving it sooner so that she can get it done and be safer. She would really like to get some help from a professional that can help her put everything together. I’ll be sure to tell her about how she can be more unique by using them as a part of the red carpet or on a backdrop.

  • Everyone wants her wedding reception to be different and unique from everyone else. After reading this blog, you have beautifully explained how to make a wedding reception unique.

  • My aunt is thinking about getting married in a couple of months so that they can do it faster and she doesn’t have to deal with all of the people at once and can reduce the reactions people have. She would really like to get some help from a professional so that she can get the perfect food and get some better food. I liked what you said about how she can add a lot of diversity to her wedding by getting something unique and get it catered.

  • Thank you . Getting the word out will be good for your business and everyone else in the wedding niche. I’ll be doing much more to destination wedding in 2020 with south lake Tahoe location.

  • I totally agree that our wedding day can be labeled as one of the most important days in my life, especially as the bride. This is why I pay attention to every detail and I want to ensure that everything will go smoothly on the day of the wedding. Once we have finalized the total number of guests, I’ll start looking for banquet halls that can accommodate us.

  • I like that you suggested making sure that the decorations will be designed to showcase the couples. I guess I would be asking my partner to create ideas with me to come up with the wedding decorations that would really match our partnership. After that, I hope that we find an event planning company that can assist us since we are planning to have the wedding before this year ends.

  • Thanks for pointing out that making a wedding reception embody the couple can add another layer of excitement and uniqueness to the whole celebration. My brother is finally planning to get married in December to his long-time girlfriend. I guess I should tell him to consider a live band for the wedding reception since they both love classic soul music. This way, they can enjoy their special day by requesting their style and music preferences.

  • I am getting married in the coming month and I hope your pretty tips will provide me the great benefits. Thanks for sharing these tips please keep it up and also do a good job.

  • Music can be a great way to personalize your wedding too! Live or recorded, there are a lot of different options.

    I think having live music at your wedding is just the icing on the cake, so to speak. I have played classical music in a violin, cello, and flute trio for a wedding before. The guests really enjoyed our music!

    Another option is to hire a harpist. That is typically more budget-friendly (compared to hiring an ensemble of 3 or 4 people), while still providing the feel you are going for.

    Or you could just stick to one of your favorite playlists from iTunes of Spotify.

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