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5 Great Coffee Business Ideas to Start Today

5 Great Coffee Business Ideas to Start Today

Coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s the elixir that fuels one’s creative process. Even some intellectuals favor it as the most important stimulant to start a day! Whether you know or not, but Americans consume about 400 million cups of coffee every day! Coffee shops are one of the fastest growing chains of the restaurant business.

If you are someone who loves coffee as much as starting a new business, hang on! It’s the right time to combine your entrepreneurial skills with coffee. In simple words, you can start your own coffee business.

No! You do not need a locker flooded with money to kick start your business idea. You can get your ideas off the ground even with a limited budget.

Here we are going to talk about five great coffee business ideas to start today.

1. Consider a Piggyback Ride on another Business

Many coffee chains piggyback on other businesses that are well established. It lays the foundation of symbiotic relationships where your coffee business with another one helps lower your burdens. It also aids in generating a much-needed increase in customers and income for another business as well.

There are several benefits of piggybacking on another business. Some of them are discussed below:

Lower rent — unlike a space that would cost you a fortune for renting alone, utilizing an existing one is profitable. You can negotiate the lease and split it with the other business. Also, you won’t have to pay security deposits in many cases!

Existing customer base — although it depends on a business and its location, you may get into an existing customer base. You can tap into a specific flow of coffee lovers. It means you need not to try hard to get customers.

Lower overheads — counting on existing business is no doubt can trim down your overall cost. It can reduce your monthly overheads too. Therefore, starting your coffee business will definitely be less.

You can have piggyback opportunities in businesses like a book store, art gallery, music shop, flower shop, newspaper stand, hair salon, shared workspace, retail boutiques, and more.

2. Farmer’s Markets

Indulging yourself in coffee makes sense. How? Well, you get an opportunity to know if you want a full-time business or a part-time. Don’t worry if you do not want to start big. You can choose the low-cost way by taking a visit to your nearby farmer market.

It doesn’t matter whether you are someone new as a coffee roaster. If you want to serve coffee from other roasters or want to start your own multi-roaster retailing, sell coffee or something else, visiting farmer’s market can be a low-budget option to consider.

You may find local markets everywhere that look for coffee businesses with top-notch quality. 

If it appeals to you, consider the following—

  • Search for farmers’ market in your locality
  • Decide what coffee business you are looking to start— mobile coffee shop, stand, etc. 
  • Visit the websites of local farmers’ markets and get the list of vendors and requisites
  • Create a business plan
  • Get your business idea off the ground

3. Open Online Coffee Shop

The best way to start a business on a low budget is to set up an online coffee shop. Kicking off an online business idea in this domain is the best way to dominate the retail coffee sector.

As many start-ups and enterprises are going online starting your coffee shop online can help you with the branding. It can also help you enhance your specialty and improve customer base.

Don’t worry if money is a huge obstacle for you. Starting a coffee business online can help you kick off your entrepreneurial journey on a smaller scale. You can talk to experts in this field for better insights or take help from your family or friends who have hands-on experience in this field.

To begin with an online venture, you need to create a menu design. It will help you show your offerings to your prospects.

4. Kick-off a Mobile Coffee Truck

What’s the low-cost way to make into a retail coffee business? We know you might be pondering over this question. So, the best way is to start a mobile coffee truck.

You will have to bear some cost though. For example, you need to pay for the truck and equipment required for the setup. Also, you have to bear the expenses of retrofitting the tools and equipment.

Don’t worry if some overheads come towards you. It can significantly cut back your expenses as compared to kicking off a full-fledged dedicated coffee restaurant. But as said earlier, whichever business you start, it will involve some sorts of cost for sure. Before you begin a mobile truck, you need to find a name for it along with a logo design. After all, you want your mobile coffee cart to be different than others; isn’t it?

Do the research well and plan out accordingly to kick off your idea. It doesn’t matter if you start on a small scale. You still have to consider every aspect carefully. It will help you avoid further complexity and escape monetary mistakes. A little planning can also trim down your overall cost.

5. Set up a Drive-thru Coffee Cafe

Starting a drive-thru coffee cafe is yet another business idea. You can start it without breaking your bank. However, it depends on what type of drive-thru cafe you want to open. Also, the location plays a vital role in defining your success.

But no business comes without a cost. A drive-thru coffee business will have its cost involved. As compared to a mobile coffee truck, the cost would be less. As the drive-thru business is like a restaurant, you need to get a logo. You can take inspiration from a restaurant logo design though.


It is essential for any entrepreneur to note that starting a coffee business ain’t easy. It is of course competitive! Also, make it clear that you have to give it your 90% of the time. However, with hard work and right planning, you can beat the odds. Go ahead with any of these 5 great coffee business ideas to start today and make big bucks!

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