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5 Easy Steps to Living an Organic Lifestyle


Living a more organic lifestyle should be on everyone’s list. Even though our society is great, it’s built around convenience instead of good ethics and organic products. We are exposed to a lot of chemicals and substances daily, regardless of where it comes from. You can live a healthier and more fulfilled life, though. Going green and being organic can be tough in the beginning, but these tips will surely help you get the hang of it and bring your life to a whole new level.

1. Buy natural cleaning products

The chemicals in cleaning products are doing nothing good for the environment. From the way they’re made to the chemical waste they leave behind, it’s best to leave traditional cleaning products behind. You should opt for all-natural cleaning products and see the difference for yourself.

This is also a much cheaper way of cleaning your home, as you already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen drawers. Baking soda and vinegar can be your saviours, as they’re perfect for cleaning all surfaces. Add a little lemon essential oil to the mix, and you’ll have the whole place smelling fresh in a completely organic way.

2. Go for organic beauty products

It’s time to stop supporting companies that test on animals and companies which put nothing but sole chemicals in their products. This is going nothing good for the environment nor for your skin and well-being. Instead, choose organic products and ethically pure companies. You can also scout locals who have their own beauty businesses.

You’ll be much happier with the results of these shampoos and soaps, as they’ll make your skin feel new and soft without damaging it one bit. They’re also extremely fragrant and come in eco-friendly packaging, so you can really work towards going low-waste.

3. Choose clothes made from organic materials

Fast fashion is definitely killing the planet, regardless of if we’re talking about the questionable ethics or what it does to the environment. This is why you should switch to clothes made locally or from organic materials. Not only does this give you a unique look, but it also helps the world become a better place.

Organic cotton and linen are great examples of comfortable and breathable materials that your skin will love. The best part is that these clothes aren’t nearly as expensive as they used to be because they gained popularity over the years. As well as that, they’ll last much longer than anything you can buy at the shopping centre.

4. Grow your own veggies

Growing your own food is not only healthier but is also better for your wallet. Buying food at the grocery store means you don’t really know where the food comes from or what it has been through to get to the shelf of the store. Due to mass food production, the product you buy is usually pumped full of chemicals so it grows faster and stays fresh for longer. All of this kills the vitamins and minerals in the vegetables and fruits, meaning you practically eat chemicals while thinking you’re eating healthy.

You can choose your own vegetable garden design so that it fits your living situation perfectly. If you live in a house with a backyard, you’ll have the easiest time growing your own garden. Those who live in cities should consider starting a garden on the roof or even on their balconies. With the right design and lots of planning, the space you live in doesn’t have to stop you from living the organic lifestyle of your dreams.

5. Start composting

Now that you’ve started your own veggie garden, it’s only natural to start composting, too. You aren’t even aware of how much food you throw away until you start composting it. You can make a compost bin and put it in your yard or on your balcony, then fill is with organic material that will decompose quickly. This is the perfect way to stop wasting food. You’ll never have to feel guilty about something going bad and you won’t have to throw your leftovers away.

The best part is that the compost is actually organic manure, meaning that you’ll get to use it in your vegetable garden. You’ll be able to grow more veggies and they’ll taste much better, too! The whole process is a circle that just keeps on giving.


As you can see, living an organic lifestyle doesn’t have to be impossible. It will take some time and adjustment, but we’re confident you’ll manage it. You’ll notice the benefits of an organic lifestyle almost immediately, as you’ll be full of energy and always in a good mood. When you give your body the nutrients it needs through food and its environment, you show it how much you care. By living organically, you give yourself all the love you deserve.

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