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5 Classifications of Awards Your Company Should Consider

Taking care of your employees is just good business all around. From making sure all of your employees have the essential tools to perform their duties to rewarding your employees for a job well done, a well-rounded plan of care should be created for their benefit. If you are developing an employee award program for your staff, you should factor in all categories of awards listed below in our list of 5 classifications of awards your company should consider.


1. Attendance Awards

Arriving to work on time every day is often an accomplishment within itself. Even though it may be a requirement for every employee, some people tend to go the extra mile to make sure that they are always available when needed. Therefore, to reward this group of employees for their conscious effort is essential. For these employees, the company may not give out big trophies, but a certificate of appreciation with a cash bonus.

2. Service Awards

Another award that companies should always consider, for both new and long term employees, is the service award. These awards are usually presented by management to their employees on an annual basis. From their employees’ date of hire, some companies recognize this commitment by giving special select gifts for the number of years served. For instance, employees are recognized for the first, fifth, tenth, and twentieth year of service. Also, the awards that they receive get significantly greater and expensive with each level up. In some cases, the first year may simply be a certificate that is presented in a relatively small setting and the twentieth year may be a relatively expensive watch that is presented before a large group of their peers.

3. The Employee of the Month Awards

Once you have the attendance and years of service awards outlined and out of the way, you can move on to awards that should be presented to dedicated employees that support management in all that they do. Or, these may be the employees who go off the chart in their productivity rankings. Whatever the case, these are the employees who take their jobs seriously by meeting and exceeding the company’s analytics. To make sure these employees are recognized appropriately, the employee of the month is a good way to show appreciation. The parameters for this type of award should be established in advance so everyone in the crew can obtain this award at some point in time.

4. Safety Awards

Keeping the workplace safe is the responsibility of everyone on site. Based on OSHA laws and guidelines, everybody has a role that they must play. Abiding by the safety signs that are posted in the breakroom and other areas on the site is one of the essential keys to making sure every worker is kept safe from accidents and injuries. The goal for many organization is to facilitate an accident and injury-free environment. With this type of participation, one of the basic parts of these programs is to present safety awards to employees who go the extra mile. For instance, if a group does not report any accidents or injuries on their site, the entire group can be recognized for their efforts.

5. Company Advancement

When employees want to further their career in any organization, they are often postured to be the best in any area that you place them in. Management and their peers may see them as super performers because they are working to achieve the promotion in their career ladders. Before moving up, however, there are some things that they will normally need to move forward and that is the awards. The awards that they earn will show that they are considered to be high achievers.

That being said, the award that is intended for this group of people is classified as company achievement awards. Company achievement awards are often presented in front of everybody in front of the entire organization. Before adding this award to your company’s list, however, you need to set specific requirements that must be met. These requirements should be clearly outlined and communicated to the entire staff well in advance. I hope you got a fair insight by reading this article of the 5 classifications of awards your company should consider. By using these methods of setting up company advancement awards, you can avoid others in the organization that did not qualify from accusing management of favoring one employee over another.

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  • Employees are the first customer of any business organization. The awards like you mention can really motivate them to work better, also the management can motivate the staff in every category.

  • Hello Praveen,

    When employees are happy, everyone’s happy. A positive outlook is not only contagious, but it can also make workers more independent and adaptive to stressful situations.

    Keeping your employees happy takes a bit of commitment and creativity, but it’s well worth the effort.

    Engaged and productive employees provide better services and can positively impact the efficiency and affectivity of a company.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your creative information with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  • Hi there,
    Such a great post,
    Employees are the backbone of any company, employee performance is critical to the overall success of the company ,Business leaders need to understand the key benefits of employee performance so that they can develop consistent and objective methods for evaluating employees.
    There for employee award program is a great plan. and keeping all categories of awards .

    Thanks for sharing such a great information.

  • This is exactly what every company should have in place. It is critical to award distinctions and rewards to the higher-performing employees to motivate them even further and distinguish themselves in their respective fields from the not-so-well performing employees.

  • Hello Praveen,
    As a business owner, you need employees who are best at performing their duties, because the overall success of a company depends upon the employee’s performance. The same way success of an employee depends upon how happy and satisfied he/she is with his/her work. All the awards mentioned in the article are very motivating for employees. It boosts confidence and motivates them to give their best. I think such awards should be included in company’s list.
    Thanks, It was really a very good read.
    Regards & Best Wishes to you!

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