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20 Good Reasons to Drink Coffee Everyday

20 Good Reasons to Drink Coffee Everyday

Anybody who has tasted a good cup of coffee can agree that it is one the most amazing things in the world. People who never tried coffee or don’t like it for some unimaginable reason are missing out on the wonders of these magic beans. Coffee is a popular beverage, not only for its unmatched flavor but also for the long list of health benefits. Excess of everything is bad, so I won’t tell you to consume a gallon of coffee in one day. However, one to three cups every day are a must and have zero side effects. If you don’t already enjoy a daily cup or two, I give you 20 reasons to start to drink coffee now:

1.     Coffee makes you Smarter

I bet all the smart people you know are coffee lovers. It is no surprise because coffee definitely promotes agility and efficient decision-making. When the stimulant i.e. caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream and reaches the brain, all your senses are temporarily heightened. This increases perceptiveness and brings out your competitive side.

2.     It is a Savior of the Liver

If you are a regular or heavy drinker, all the alcohol may have caused considerable damage to your liver. By drinking coffee every day, you can reverse those effects to some extent. Coffee may rescue a failing liver, prevent cirrhosis, and even cure an unpleasant hangover.

3.     Coffee acts as a Mild Antidepressant

Coffee is known to function as a mild antidepressant as it reduces suicidal thoughts and alleviates anxiety. It triggers the release of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that makes a person feel good about themselves. Next time you feel down, make sure to order yourself one tall glass of a fancy latte (it will be plenty to cheer you up).

4.     Lesser Trips to the Dentist

Strong black coffee is known to kill bacteria in our mouth that promote tooth decay. When you minus the milk and sugar, you may also prevent many gum diseases. Friends and coworkers might start asking the secret to your dazzling pearly whites. Therefore, if you hate seeing the dentist, let coffee be part of your daily regime.

5.     Coffee is a great Conversation Starter

People all over the world adore coffee, and have different recipes for their favorite kind. If you are looking for an excuse to talk to someone and know for a fact that they drink coffee, it is great topic to break the ice. You can ask what kind of coffee they prefer, mention places that serve the best coffee, or simply discuss the different blends.

6.     A perfect excuse to Bond

Whether it’s about a date, gathering friends, or spending quality time with the family, coffee is the perfect alibi for bonding. Nothing beats exchanging dialogues or sitting together while sipping a cup of steaming or iced coffee.

7.     Coffee keeps you awake and attentive

When you are overwhelmed by laziness or fatigue at the beginning of a long day, a cup of coffee is your best friend. It will help you remain conscious for a long drive or keep you from dozing off at work/in class. Your creativity and productivity is bound to skyrocket until the caffeine rush lasts.

8.     Memory and Energy Boost

Coffee provides the dose of caffeine you need to get through a tough day at work or school. If you are a student, you’ll ace that test. If you work at an office, you’ll be determined to beat the deadlines. If you are representing a client as their criminal defense lawyer, you are in it to win. If you are a lifeguard, you’ll be saving a lot more lives. If you are a chef, stellar reviews await you. Coffee drinkers are also less susceptible to the development of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other memory loss problems. 

9.     Coffee makes the Heart Happy

There are several health benefits of drinking coffee, and a happy heart is number one. A few cups of coffee every day can prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduce the risk of death from heart attack. Apparently, the nutrients in coffee support muscular repairs of the heart.

10. You will Glow

Coffee beans are enriched with Vitamin B and C, which are highly effective against acne, dark circles, and skin inflammation. In addition, coffee also thwarts the appearance of cellulite and signs of aging; it boosts collagen levels that keep the skin young, calm, and fresh. Caffeic acid has antibacterial properties that prevent buildup and outbreak of germs.

11. Coffee Enhances Physical Strength

Athletes can improve their physical performance by making a habit of drinking coffee every day before practice. Coffee reduces reaction time and eradicates fatigue, which helps a player stay at the top of their game. Coffee drinkers are also less likely to experience pain and cramps after a vigorous workout.  

12. Rich Dose of Antioxidants

Coffee is the most potent source of antioxidants that prevent cellular damage in the body; it surpasses all dietary items including green tea, cocoa, and fruits/vegetables. Roasted coffee beans contain more than a thousand active antioxidants, which help combat inflammation caused by various underlying health conditions like arthritis.

13. Coffee is Delicious

The top reason to drink coffee every day is inarguably the impeccable taste and texture. If you can’t handle the bitterness, you can add several other ingredients to lighten the punch. There are so many different ways coffee can be made and every cup is divine. You can have your coffee hot or cold, depending on the season and the occasion. Chocolate and cream are two popular components of fancy coffee based beverages.

14. The Aroma is Heavenly

The smell of coffee alone is so relaxing and addictive. Research suggests that people exposed to coffee aroma undergo a shift of brain proteins, which incurs a decrease in stress related to sleep deprivation. No wonder waking up to the scent of brewing coffee is incredibly invigorating.

15. Coffee prevents Diabetes

Coffee contains a bioactive compound called ‘cafestol’, which improves insulin sensitivity, promotes insulin discharge, and controls blood glucose levels in fasting. As Diabetes 2 is the result of insufficient insulin and high amount of glucose in the bloodstream, every cup of coffee you drink contributes towards neutralizing the symptoms.

16. It combats Constipation

Coffee can partially fulfill your daily fiber needs as well. It accelerates digestion, thereby diminishing episodes of constipation and eliminating the possibility of other diseases of the digestive track.  

17. Coffee shields you from certain types of Cancers

As coffee protects the liver, heart, and skin, it can inhibit development of cancers in these organs. The risks of suffering from prostrate, colon, and breast cancer are also reduced.

18. Morning Comfort

Many of us experience a morning sickness that ruins our appetite and discourages us from getting out of bed. The smell of coffee can readily overwhelm those dreaded feelings and calm the nerves. A morning cup of coffee washes off the heaviness on the head and cures headaches. If you feel cold, a hot cup of coffee is enough to warm you to the pit and comfort your soul. Cold coffee on a hot summer day is equally effective in uplifting our mood and spirit.

19. Coffee aids in Weight Loss

By now, you must be convinced that coffee is capable of solving all your life issues. To top it off, coffee aids in increasing out metabolic rate, which in turn accelerates burning of body fat. If you can’t get yourself to visit the gym or go for an early morning jog, a cup of coffee will provide you the stamina to pursue a healthier and active lifestyle.

20. You will live a Longer, Happier, and Healthier Life

As coffee can nicely take care of multiple common health issues, you will naturally live a longer life by including it in your regular diet. The caffeine ‘high’ helps to wipe out negative feelings and boost your morale. Reap the benefits of coffee and always relish your cup to the last drop. So I would summarize by stating Drink Coffee Everyday to live a healthier life.

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