17 Yoga poses to strike before bed

The stars are twinkling outside, a cool breeze is floating through your window and your sheets are as soft as ever … but, you can’t sleep. Here are 17 yoga poses to strike before bed which will help you get a good night sleep.

Sleeplessness is something that plagues everyone at one point or another. Tossing and turning, one of the most frustrating situations ever is the inability to get shut-eye. This is uncomfortable at night, and can make the next day unbearable. There are medications and machines that can help with this, but luckily, natural remedies also exist. 

Melatonin is one answer, but if you don’t want any sort of pills, there’s another remedy that can help you stay completely natural: yoga. Traditionally thought of as a form of exercise, yoga can also be used to relax and ease the body into slumber as well. Mindfulness and focused breathing are key elements to practicing, thus creating a calming effect. For this reason, yoga is a great destresser in general and can be used for numerous needs — whether you’re trying to go to bed or stay calm before a presentation. 

The best part about yoga is that one can isolate where they want to relax. If you have a tense back, there’s a pose for that. Feeling the indigestive effects of that fried chicken sandwich? There’s a pose for that. And insomnia, there’s a pose for that, too. Below you’ll find a guide by to yoga poses that help you relax. They’ve highlighted different poses for ways in which people can either fall asleep, or simply relieve stress.

The important thing to remember with all of these poses is to keep track of your breathing. Concentrating on each inhale and exhale not only stabilizes your pulse, but also draws your mind back in and increases focus. For this reason, stepping you during a stressful day of work or after coming home are good times to break out a few of these poses, too. Each one should be held for around a minute, meaning there’s no excuse not to try them out. So take a look at these 17 yoga poses to strike before bed time and leave a comment below on your thoughts.

How yoga helps stress

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  • I love the animal illustrations in the Yoga demonstrations! So cute.

    For me, when I do Yoga (which, I’ll be honest isn’t as much as it should be), my biggest issue is remembering to breath! I just always forget and then get this pained look in my face. Gotta remember to breath!

  • Hey Praveen,

    Yoga is one of the most popular physical practices across the world due to its wide range of benefits.

    Truly, your inforgraphics is incredible and very simple for us to understand how to perform in disciplinary way to grab its benefits.

    Generally, I don’t perform yoga but thinking to start from few of them which can be easily performed.

    Eventually, thanks for spreading healthy information with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  • Hello Praveen Rajarao, Yoga is very helpful to keep healthy of human body. Your article presentation was awesome. But, I think if you use human model picture instead of animal illustration to represent yoga style, It would be better than these. In addition, your animal illustrations in the Yoga demonstrations was different dimension of demonstrations Yoga.

  • Hello Praveen,
    I would say really nice pictorial Yoga positions you have shared with us. I believe Yoga is very important for good health. Nowadays sleepless and stressful nights are becoming major issues for all working people. It’s good to add Yoga in our morning or evening routine, again thanks for sharing such good content. It’s really helpful to me as well as others.

  • First and foremost i love the animal illustrations. They are extremely cute. The best part is i can show this to my kids and have them be excited about doing Yoga. I do it on a Daily basis and I cant even explain how much it has benefitted me. I have not only become fit but also I beat my thyroid issues by doing it regularly.

    Thanks for sharing such a great post which has listed all the asanas in detail.

  • Wonderful postures, I keep practicing them, they are really helping me, it is seen that my body is shaping itself for the better and my mind more concentrated, releasing stress time after time, I encourage all those who wish to practice these 15 postures, they work and are easy of doing. Thank you for this channel with such good information. Warm greetings from Helsinki.

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