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15 Tips to Write Effective Tweets

DailyMorningCoffee welcomes Dean Wood with this wonderful article about How To Use Twitter Effectively.

Twitter has literally no rivals, other than Facebook. The others – Stumbleupon, Delicious, Reddit and Digg just fell by the wayside. If you’re looking for a highly consistent and effective traffic building method, Twitter is the way to go. Still, the game belongs to the ones who can write take advantage of Twitter; your tweets must be readable and re-tweetable. We show you how in this article on how to use twitter effectively.

1. Learn From Those Who Stand Out From The Crowd

Check your Twitter feed regularly for outstanding tweets and study their technique. Some tweets manage to get your attention for a while but others impress with their consistency. Study the difference. When someone’s tweets are consistently good, we tend to remember their avatars and usernames and watch out for their tweets.

2. Watch That Punctuation!

Incorrect punctuation reflects badly on you as the writer and insults your readers as well. Plus, readers lose respect for you and for anything you have to say. Take a short course on punctuation on the internet, or at the very least, read up on the right way to punctuate your tweets.

3. Stick To The 120 Character Length

Twitter allows you to use 140 characters in your tweet. However, if you want your tweet to be re-tweeted, you must leave a certain number of characters blank at the end of each tweet, to ensure maximum re-tweetability. This is called the Magic Re-tweet number and it stands at 20 characters.

4. Use Twitter’s URL Shortener Of Choice

If you want your tweets re-tweeted, it’s best to go with Twitter’s URL shortener of choice. is also convenient and provides the right stats, apart from having a super convenient sidebar.

5. Don’t Forget To Always Include A Link

If you want to expand what you’re saying, use a link to back your assertions and add to your credibility. It can be a link to a video, a picture, and a blog post or news article – as long as it points to an important missing piece.

6. Try Reverse Psychology

If your copy reads like a sales pitch, people won’t bother to give you the time of the day. If you try to sell your link, you will push people away. You need to sell your content through a great headline and let your content do the talking for you. Sell without coming across as a salesperson.

7. Watch Your Spelling And Grammar

You’ll be judged on your writing, which includes proper spelling and grammar. If you’re not confident of these two aspects, write your tweets in a word processor first. Once you’re sure of your tweet’s health, copy paste into Twitter.

8. Include Something Original When You Retweet

Cut down the character length of the original tweet by replacing ‘and’ with ‘&’ and similar. Putting your own words in front of the re-tweet makes you look smart, and might even make people want to re-tweet you.

9. Let Your URL And Bio Speak For You

What your Twitter profile page says about you is just as important as what your blog’s “About Me” page says about you. Even if you don’t have a blog or website, drop a link to your LinkedIn page or your Facebook profile.

10. Be Professional While Adding A Personal Touch

Let readers get a glimpse of the real you now and then – throw in a snippet from your daily life, or write something about a cause that’s dear to you. Be personal to the right degree, without infringing on your core professionalism on Twitter. This adds up to how to use twitter effectively to get the right audience notice your profile.

11. Keep It Fresh

It’s no good forwarding something that’s outdated, even if it’s just a day or two old. Twitter refreshes every few seconds so old news is no news. Offer real time information, stuff that won’t get stale for a while.

12. Keep Them Easy To Read

Twitter understands its own specific syntax, readers don’t. Readers still want to read tweets in proper English so go easy on the @mentions, #hashtags and abbreviations. Use them only when needed.

13. Don’t Be Lame And Don’t Whine

Always provide context so that the meaning is clear. Simply providing links without offering a reason to click the link is truly lame. Again, don’t use up Twitter space to air your complaints and negative sentiments. No one wants to read those!

14. Tease A Little

The point is to hook the reader with well-placed bait, not to give it all out on the tweet itself. It’s ok to be a tease, as long as you’re doing it the right way.

15. Your Tweet Must Appeal To Your Readers, Not To You

Don’t assume that your readers will love your tweets just because you’ve fallen in love with it. Work on your tweet till it is pleasing, is informative and detailed enough to garner appeal to a large group.

I hope you liked this article on how we can customize our tweets and hereby learn how to use twitter effectively to draw good amount of traffic to your website.

Author Bio: The article has been written by Dean for Invesp an ecommerce conversion rate optimization Company that helps business in improving their conversion rate by providing full website optimization services to them. Invesp also offers free landing page templates that marketers can download and use for their marketing campaigns.

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