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12 egg carton hacks

12 Egg Carton Hacks

Everybody wants to recycle – it’s a great way to help save the planet and think of creative ideas. However, there are some things that are not so obvious to see how to reuse. One of these is egg trays. Luckily for you, you don’t have to! Here is a list of 12 Egg Carton Hacks to reuse your egg trays. These unique ways will change your way of thinking forever.

1) Grow garden herbs

There are many ways to reuse egg trays but, this one is a way to know they will be recycled and used in a great way. It is also a way to make your kitchen feel homier and save money too! All you need is an egg tray, seeds, and garden dirt. You can use almost any seeds and herbs make an excellent choice. The cartons are the perfect size to grow little seedlings in. When they are the right size you simply place them in your garden. It’s so easy because you don’t even need to transplant the seedlings. Just place the egg trays in the dirt in your garden and the seedlings will continue to grow. The cardboard will eventually breakdown whilst your seedlings grow to full maturity.

2) Bird Feeder

Are you an animal lover? If you are, then this idea is perfect for you. An egg tray can be used to make a cute bird feeder to put in your garden to attract the nearby wildlife. It is easy to set up and costs almost nothing. Just add some string to each side of an egg tray, tie it to a tree branch, for example, sprinkle in your bird seeds and, you are ready to go. This simple DIY could be a great asset to your garden.

3) Arts ‘n Crafts

For anybody with young children, empty egg trays are one of the best ways to make arts and crafts. They keep your children entertained and doing crafts are a brilliant activity to bond over. Your imagination is your limit. They are great to have on hand for a rainy day of crafts. For a whole lot of ideas, do a search on “egg carton crafts” on Pinterest or Google. They also make excellent holders for your glue and paint, they are great serving sizes and, they make sure you do not waste any paint. They are easy to reuse over and over.

4) Give Them away

Do you have a friend or relative who owns chickens? Or perhaps you have a great local farm that you buy things from. Either of these will likely need some spare egg trays to pack fresh eggs in. You might even get them back filled with eggs in return. After all – one good deed deserves another.

5) Lamp

So many places sell furniture now and there is plenty of variety. But not everyone sells a lamp that you would like. Using empty egg trays, glue and paint, fairy lights and a rainy day, you can create a beautiful lamp just for you. It will be your own unique creation and make a great addition to any room in your house. There are an endless number of patterns or objects you can create using egg cartons and fairy lights. It’s such an easy way to create your own aesthetics.

6) Mirror frame

Egg cartons are one of the easiest things to shape and form into different objects. If you have enough, making a frame for a mirror is another way for you to create a beautiful creation. Adding a bit of design and creativity to your mirror can bring out your personality in your own home. This simple DIY is a great way to recycle your old egg trays and bring out the designer in you! Although you will have to save a number of trays, this idea is a brilliant way to practice your skills at art and design.

7) Easter Basket

Children love Easter and egg hunts. One of the things you can use part of an egg tray for is to create an egg basket to carry the eggs in. Your children will adore carrying around the basket that you make from recyclables as they run around collecting eggs. It is a cheap, but great way, to make a day so much more fun. You can even have your children make them, giving them another way to use their imagination and creativity.

8) Holders

For many people, storage space and organisation is a problem and they need somewhere to keep things. Using an old egg tray is a great way for you to save time and money on having to search through stores to try to find something to help you sort everything. There is a variety of things you can use this for, from stationary, to office supplies, to jewelry. Anything you can use it for will help you keep many things sorted.

9)  Photo board

Nowadays, so many people take photos and keep them for good memories. A lot of people also want ways they can keep them personally. Unfortunately, it is a little difficult to get a suitable board to use to make for displaying photos, so reusing an egg tray and hanging your photos on it is a great way to have your memories close by on your wall. It’s a great place to keep your photos, besides posting them all over the internet

10) IPad Stand

Truly, many of us have struggled to conveniently watch something on our Phone or tablet,  wishing we had another way to hold our devices which would make things so much easier. Also, we know that prop-ups are far too expensive these days and, who wants to waste their money on something like that. Fortunately, there is a solution. With this DIY all you need is an old egg tray and some scissors and you will have a stand for any device in under 5 minutes.

11) Paint palette

12 egg carton hacks

In all honesty, most artists would love to have an extra paint palette at hand. People use so many different shades and hues of colors making it a bit of a nightmare if you need a lot of different colors in one sitting. This reuse of an egg tray can benefit any artist since they are also disposable, so you don’t have an extra mess to clean up when finished. It’s a great way to reuse something that otherwise would be trash and, if you want, you can reuse them again and again!

12) Candle Molds

Everyone has stressful days, and this DIY in recycling can help you make the end of the day not so stressful. All you need is candle-making equipment and it is easy to make dozens of tiny candles to place around your home. You might even be able to make a mini business of it to make extra money!


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