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10 Unique Ways to Light up Your Living Room

10 Unique Ways to Light up Your Living Room

Living rooms require natural lighting and if this is not possible, then you can use some unique artificial lighting fixtures to light up your place. Good lighting in the living room creates the right ambience, feel, and accent. These features will help illuminate, direct, and highlight the various sections of the living room as desired. So here are 10 unique ways to light up your living room and make your home warm and cozy.

10 unique ways to light up your living room
To be able to create proper lighting in the living room, you should incorporate different types of lighting in the area. While in the room, one should be able to pinpoint the strong areas of the lighting scheme layering and robustness. You can obtain the lighting fixtures from the nearest store or you can go for the DIY ones.

While creating the lighting you want in the living room, you will get an opportunity to be creative with your interior design skills. There are a number of unique ways that you could use to light up your living room and this article will cover some of the most creative ones.

How you can light up your living room

1. Using chandeliers

When it comes to lighting up your living room, there is no better way than using chandeliers. You will want to pick out a unique and outstanding chandelier that will help make a statement to the guests in your living room. The creative and most thrilling part of using chandeliers is that they come in different sizes, shapes, designs, color, and styles. You can have the chandelier bulbs in the color you desire your room to be lit in. Choose an extraordinary design for your chandelier so that you can show off your classic taste in the living room.

2. Adopting a robust assortment lighting method

You can light up your living room using different types of lighting fixtures. For proper lighting, you should place the lights in different parts of the living room and ensure that you blend them with the rest of the decor in the room. You could have table lamps, a floor lamp, hanging lights, and pot lights to adorn the room. This will help highlight the important parts of the room as desired. For instance, you could place a lamp stand in a corner of the living room or between two couches. The way you mix these lighting fixtures is a direct portrayal of your creativity.

3. Two-in-one lighting designs

Different lighting ideas are used to create a varying but balanced ambience in an area. In a living room, you could have a hanging light at the center to help accent that specific part of the room while creating balance. The aim of using centered hanging fixtures is to be able to emphasize the focus area, which is often the seating region. You can blend this with pot lighting that will light up the entire room and spread to the ceiling for the proper ambience. Apply your interior design skills to create an elegant living room using the two-in-one design.

4. Hanging lights made of multiple fixtures

Hanging lights are a magnificent way to brighten your living room while creating a more spacious room with a scintillating atmosphere. This is mostly applicable if you have a large living room and the other lightings are recessed. You can do this by hanging multiple fixtures in the living room area. When doing this, you need to know that the hanging fixtures need to be of a simple design for balance and silhouettes. Consider hanging these fixtures on the grids instead of picking random points on the ceiling.

5. Using soft lighting fixtures

This unique idea is mostly applicable during occasions when you want to create a romantic setting. Candles are a great example of soft lighting and they will not only create a warm atmosphere in the living room but also be soft to the eye. A perspicuous aroma will also be obtained when the scented candles are used. To enhance the brightness and softness of the room, it is important that you use multiple candles and disperse them all around the room. This is one of the unique ways to create natural lighting in your living room.

6. Incorporating standing lamps

If you are looking to illuminate your living room while creating a beautiful space with an amusing atmosphere, you should go for standing lamps. You can use this lighting while cuddling on your couch or while reading under the lamps. The lamps help improve the decor in your living room since you can choose attractive designs for the lamp stands. This will not only enhance the ambience of the living room but also create an inviting space for you and your guests. This is one thrilling way to exercise your interior design skills while lighting up your place.

7. Using sculptural sconces

This is yet another creative way to light up your living room where you use sculptural light fixtures! Choosing unique sconces from the store and incorporating them in your interior decor will come in handy when you want to brighten up the place. The modern sconces can be customized to fit your desires as well as the style of your living room. This means that you can adjust the direction of the light and where it focuses as well as change the shape of the sconce depending on your taste. This is actually the most fascinating idea when it comes to lighting up your living room.

8. Mix and match

Sometimes it is ideal for you to mix different types of lightings and match them such that each style blends with the other as well as the rest of the decor. Your architectural design should be able to balance well with the mixed and matched lighting styles. For example, table lamps are considered a modern lighting fixture while the chandeliers and sconces are viewed as a classical lighting style. You can light up your room by blending the modern and classical lighting styles to create one beautiful living room. You can never go wrong with a proper balance of these two styles.

9. Relying on your instinct

The most important fact about lighting up your living room is to stick to your instinct, trusting it, and thinking beyond your room. Sometimes all it takes to create a unique style is to try to connect the living room to the rest of the house. You should have fun while creating the stylistic atmosphere in your home. Your aim is to create an eclectic living room that portrays beauty and an amazing style and taste. Believe in your ideas and find a way to make them look interesting while at the same time decorating your living area.

10. Using an arc instead of relying on ceiling lighting

Ceiling lights are used in a living room with the aim of creating a focus point upon the seating area. If you do not consider ceiling lighting to be that fascinating, you could go for an arc. When using arcs, however, you should use fairly high arcs that are comfortable for your guests and yourself to avoiding bumping your heads on them. Arcs are considered a modern lighting fixture implying that you should only incorporate them if your living room has a contemporary style. Choose an arc of your desirable design and color.

Over To You:

These unique ideas will help you come up with the stylish space you desire in your living room. Proper lighting in your living room is essential as it gives your space the warmth and softness every cozy home needs. Lighting up your living room is the beginning of lighting up your life. Who doesn’t want a place that is not only beautiful but also inviting to the guests? We hope that this article will help you to pick the right light fixtures for your living room.

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