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The COVID-19 outbreak has frozen everyone’s life in the world today. We are compelled to stay back in our home for so long. Where many have lost their jobs, some are lucky to manage their work from home. In this article we will try to learn about some high fiber work from home snacks that will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Some see the Work From Home approach of working as good. As it gives some relaxing time from the fast moving life to stay home with the family while working. But as the saying goes, everything comes with some cost. What is the cost in this case? 

Have you thought of the consequences of staying inside a home for so long with not much physical activity and the unbalanced food habits? Yes, after this crisis of COVID-19, many new problems will come out and poor health conditions will be one of them.  

So why not take prevention before, rather than struggle with the cure later? You don’t have to do much actually. You just need to add some more fiber in your food. Here we have brought to you some good high Fiber snacks to add to your daily routine and keep you healthy.

Before moving ahead, have a look on what Fiber is and how it is important for our body.

What is Fiber/Dietary Fiber?

Fibers/Dietary fibers also called roughage are plant-based nutrients – a type of carbohydrate, that are indigestible in our stomach / small intestine. They pass through the intestinal tract and reach our colon / large intestine.

However, they do a lot of work on their journey-like they keep our digestive system clean and healthy.  There are so many benefits of using fiber in our food. Let us know some.

Health Benefits Of Fiber

Fiber is important for our body in many ways. It gives us so many benefits and at the same time protects us from many dangerous health problems. 

  • It causes weight loss and better blood sugar circulation in our body.
  • It normalizes the bowel movement and hence prevents digestive problems such as constipation,diarrhea and some serious problems like kidney stones, colorectal ulcer etc.
  • Fibers also help in controlling diabetes.
  • As they flush out toxic substances from our body, they also help in improving some skin related problems.
  • The fibers have a great impact on heart related problems- it reduces the blood pressure and prevents cardiovascular diseases.
  • Intake of high fiber also decreases the risk of cancer.

In short, Fiber actually helps in living a longer life. Let us see now, what are the main fiber sources.

Fiber-Rich Snacks

Dietary fibers are of two types – insoluble fibers and soluble fibers. Both are equally important for our body. Hence we are including both of them collectively in the list. You can find Fibers in-

  • Fruits such as apple, banana, strawberry, pear, avocado, berries, carrot etc.
  • Vegetables such as beetroot, peas, broccoli, beans, sweetcorn, potatoes with skin etc.
  • Legumes such as lentils, black beans, chickpeas etc.
  • Grains and cereals such as oats, whole wheat, dark chocolates etc.
  • Nuts and seeds such as almonds, pumpkin seeds, etc.
  • Some other food items such as popcorns, chocolate etc

Not only the food items with fiber but their right quantity also matter for our good health. Generally 25 to 38 grams of fiber per day is recommended for an adult- 28 grams for female adults and 38 grams for male adults.

Fiber Rich Snacks For Work From Home

As of now we have seen what fiber is, what their health benefits are, from where can we get it. Now here we are, to know the different fiber rich snacks which can be proved as a good choice for your work from home. 

I have curated here a sum of eight such work from home snacks which you can add in your diet plan and enjoy a healthy fiber rich food. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Salads:
    The first obvious snack is the SALADS. They are the best source of fiber. The best part with them is that they can be used as appetizers, snacks and even as meals.
    Either you can prepare fruit salads, vegetable salads, sprout salads or you can mix any of them together to make a new combo and a new taste.
    You can do so much experiment with it. You can add different nutrients in it like eggs, meat, cheese, legumes etc.
  2. Popcorn:
    Along with the fiber, popcorn has several other important nutrients in it such as vitamins, minerals etc. Many consider them as a fast food and believe that they can be harmful. But the Popcorns are tasty and healthy at the same time.
    They are actually the whole grains.You can prepare them at home or can get it ready made also. They will be your best companion while working and also while watching movies, isn’t it?
  3. Oatmeal:
    Oats or the oatmeals might be already in your list. It helps you lose weight as you feel full for a longer time after having them.
    It also increases the number of calorie burn each day and hence keeps your body fit.
  4. Roasted Chickpeas:
    They are super tasty and healthy and hence are pretty popular. You can try preparing them at home or simply buy from the stores.
    It is spicy and roasted (of course). They are loaded with fiber, protein, zinc etc. Moreover it can be stored upto two weeks.
  5. Whole Wheat Pasta:
    How can we not add pasta here. It is made up of wheat flour. It  has low calorie but high fiber along with many micronutrients.They are healthier than the white pasta.
    Those with diabetes problems can also add them in their list. Plus the children at home would also love to have them.
  6. Fruit crisps:
    Fruits are not always taken fresh. You can also use them as dried fruits or as fruit crisps. Fruit crisps are basically the freeze dried fruits and hold up to 90% of original fruit content.
    These are the best options when the fresh fruits are not available to you. If you haven’t tried yet, believe me they will give you a great and distinct taste from the usual fresh fruits.
  7. Nuts and seeds:
    Nuts and seeds like almond, pumpkin seeds etc are good sources of nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, healthy fats etc.
    They help in reducing fat as their fats are not fully absorbed. They also regulate food intake and help in burning energy.
  8. Hummus:
    Not the plant Hummus but it is a dish made from mashed chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic and tahini. It is just like a creamy paste which melts in the mouth but leaves its taste on your tongue.
    It contains lots of fiber in it, so pretty wonderful. But a large amount of it is not advisable.

These are some of the most easily available snacks. As you will be busy working, it saves a lot of your time in preparing your snacks. Most of them are available ready made so you can even get them from the stores. 

If not, you can make them at your home itself. They are not really tough to make at home also. In most of the items you get a lot many varieties so you are not gonna bore soon.

These were the work from home snacks ideas but what can we change in our food to make them fiber rich and healthy? Here are some handy tips which you can use to achieve your target.

Tips For Getting Fiber Rich Food  

These are some simple tips for making some changes in your food habits and providing better fiber-rich food.  

  • Use brown rice instead of white rice.
  • Similarly replace white bread with brown one.
  • Eat fruits or vegetables with the skins on, since their skin contains so much fiber.
  • Add whole grain products in your food.
  • Add juices and soups to your snacks.
  • If unable to add fiber in food, consider taking fiber supplements.
  • You can also use vegetable sticks, baked potato, boiled potato in sandwitches or in salads.

Wrapping Up

Staying home and continuing work from home for a long time, can cause you some health problems. To avoid them we need to have some good food especially rich in fiber.

Fibers are plant-based nutrients with a lot of health profits. It can control digestive problems, heart related problems, weight loss, diabetes, cancer and many other diseases.

So they are really needed in your diet plan. You can basically find Fibers in fruits with skin, vegetables, nuts and seeds, cereals, legumes, dark chocolates etc.

Some of the work from home snacks items which can save your time at the same time are fiber-rich, hence good for health-

  • Salads
  • Oatmeals
  • Popcorn
  • Roasted Chickpeas
  • Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Fruit crisps
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Hummus

Most of these work from home snacks are available ready made and some can be made at home also. So you can choose them according to your ease and have healthy food. What are you waiting for, get the recipe and enjoy your favourite snacks at home with your family.

You can comment below your suggestions and your favorite Fiber-Rich snacks and dishes. Have fun!

Author Bio – Chunchun is a Writer at SocialMirror. She is a passionate blogger and loves to read stuff about Mythology and Technology. In her free time, Chunchun loves to write on various topics like Technology, Cooking and Psychology. Reading Novels and listening to music are her hobbies.

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