Three Excellent Ways to Green Your Kitchen Floors

DailyMorningCoffee welcomes Missy Diaz for her third Guest Article. You can read the first two of them at 3 Eco Friendly Spring Fashion Trends and 7 Benefits of Travel

We all know that the term eco friendly means friend to the environment. It can mean that a certain product was either made with the use of earth friendly or reclaimed materials, that the product will not harm the environment when used or that the product has a long lifespan. Green does not refer to just one kind of product; the truth is that there are earth friendly counterparts to almost every product that we use. Finding natural based cleaners, greener cars, organic foods, energy efficient lighting, toxic free toys, plant based paints and eco friendly floors is now as simple as a web search or trip to the store.

Now that the world is turning green, individuals and families are starting to make their homes more earth friendly as well, and one of the best ways to achieve a green home is to start with the floors. Tradition kitchen floors in particular have a bad rap for being harmful to the environment. Everything from the way they’re installed to the type of flooring material used puts the eco system at risk for degradation. Nevertheless, the eco craze has educated manufactures and inspired ways to green our kitchen floors and below are a few tips on how to do so.

Three Excellent Ways to Green Your Kitchen Floors:

Install Eco Flooring:

Vinyl (not to be confused with Linoleum) is one of the most popular options for kitchen floors due to the ease of clean and the various design options, however this type of flooring is made from polyvinyl chloride which does not biodegrade and it can pose health risks for those that may be allergic. Three great options for eco kitchen flooring are tile, linoleum and bamboo; tile and linoleum are both hypo allergenic and biodegradable, bamboo is also hypo allergenic and biodegradable and also resists water and mildew.

Clean Green:

While it may not be in your budget or in your plans to replace your current kitchen flooring, it is still possible to green it up. By simply cleaning your floors with natural based cleaners you’re on the journey to a more sustainable environment with less toxins and chemicals roaming your indoor air.

Take off Your Shoes:

You might be surprised to learn that your shoes carry a series of bacterial elements, that can spread through your home when you walk around. So when you check your shoes at the door, this stops them then and there. So one of quickest and easiest ways to green your kitchen floors is to leave your shoes at the front door. Many homes do this and require it of guests upon entering, to take their shoes off. Make it a habit in your home and join the many who are knowingly or unknowingly contributing to making their homes safer, cleaner and more enjoyable.

Many times we think we need to make big expensive changes in order to live a more earth friendly lifestyle, when in reality small changes can make a significant difference. From the foods we eat to the cars we drive and the gas we put in them to the way we light our homes and the types of flooring we decide to put in our kitchens; all can make a sizable difference in our family’s health, our wallets and of course – Mother Earth.

Share your good personal tips for eco friendly flooring below in the comments.

Missy has made a series of improvements and sustainable upgrades to her home including the most recent addition, an underfloor heating system that warms her home via special  electrical inputs underneath her wood floors.


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  1. This is what I love about living in Hawaii!  No shoes in the house.  Mahalo for removing your shoes (or they call what most people wear here slippers!)

    It’s awesome.  I also tend to use vinegar and citrus for cleaning these days!

  2. Great article on going green in the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most renovated areas but we often don’t think about reusing materials or being efficient. Good idea to look at the appliances to help improve the efficiency of your kitchen.

  3. nice writing Praveen about kitchen floor are often merged with oils and water so usage of wooden floors will eliminate slippery surface.i really like your article Prveen keep it up

    1. Excellent move for getting green kitchen, I do like wood floors, but kitchen floor will always came in contact with water, oil etc, and installing wood floor would be a bad choice. Laminated floors could be a better choice here. While cleaning i always use homemade cleaners and its not difficult to make. Go green

  4. I love what you say about taking off shoes. I never really thought about it, but you’re right. My shoes are always tracking in all sorts of crud. If I have to replace the floors every 10 years or invest in nasty toxic chemicals to repair some of the damage from wearing shoes, how eco-friendly am I really being? A friend of mine did her whole kitchen floor with reclaimed lumber from a local barn that was getting torn down. Unfortunately not all of us have access to materials like that. 🙂

  5. i am so guilty of being in a rush and just grabbing the first cleaning product i see off the shelf. your article reminds me to be more mindful. with very little effort, i can choose a product with less harmful ingredients. it will soon be time to replace the kitchen floor. your tip about vinyl is a good one. i am quite sure that’s what in there now. and, of course, take of your shoes! simple and very effective.

  6. The kitchen is one of the most imperative places in a house, it must be entirely neat and clean all the time. You have described some best ways to green kitchen floors. Thanks for this help

  7. There is a great need to keep the floors of your kitchen hygiene and it is only possible when you are cleaning it on a daily basis. Thanks for the help you provided in this article. Best three ways are described for kitchen floor cleaning.

  8. Love this post. Such a valuable source.
    I really like this post since, I’m coming from the culture where no shoes aloud at home. We respect every household including ours so it keeps our homes cleaner.
    It has been already a few years since I have opened my own cleaning business and I focus mainly on Green cleaning. I believe that everyone shoud focus on Green cleaning and keep environment green, safe and clean.

  9. I really like this post. I dont like wearing shoes in the house. it keeps the house clean and shows respect. but if you need a good carpet cleaning from people wearing shows in your house, check out

  10. Your choice of kitchen floor will depend upon the style and look you wish to achieve in the room. There are certain flooring options that are more popular than others, but that doesn’t mean that you have to fall in line. Here are a few different kitchen flooring ideas to consider.

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