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The Truth You Need to know about VPNs

German censorship of the Internet has been in the news. The German government has been intent on placing new levels of censorship on Internet content and browsing. These restrictions have a negative impact on public and business Internet users who don’t have a virtual private network, or VPN.



User Privacy and German Internet Restrictions

Today’s Internet restriction laws cover categories of censorship such as terrorism, racial violence and hatred.  They also weaken user privacy.  This lack of privacy is very worrisome because it goes down to the instant messaging level. This leaves businesses without a German VPN vulnerable to snooping by the government, criminals, and unwanted spammers.  Another troubling result of these prohibitions is that the German government can completely prohibit specific users from using the Internet under the so-called three strikes law.

Blocking individuals and businesses from the using Internet is akin to taking away their livelihood.  These Internet restrictions are only a few of the reasons users choose to access the Internet via a German VPN service.

Avoiding Internet Intruders with a German VPN

A German VPN helps users avoid censorship and intruders by keeping Internet usage completely private. Censors and intruders have no way of locating or identifying who a user is and what they’re doing online.

Internet users with a German VPN communicate over a completely private connection from their location to whatever online place they access.  The information sent over a German VPN is also encrypted to maintain the highest level of privacy. This encryption prevents outside viewers from the seeing the content of emails, the text of messages, and other private information.

Using a German VPN provides an unrivaled level of security.  Since  a user’s locations can’t be tracked with a German VPN,  they are free to surf the web without concern about geographical identity. A quality German VPN offers multiple protocols. These protocols provide security for a wide range of devices. VPN protocols include OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and PPTP.

Before choosing a VPN provider, make certain it can provide 24/7 service, supports are variety of protocols, and has worldwide server locations. Choose a German VPN provider that can support the devices you will connect with. They should allow unlimited access and unlimited speed. They should allow free switching between server locations. Look for a provider who makes their own application for managing VPN connections. These applications can save the user time in configuration.

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9 Responses to " The Truth You Need to know about VPNs "

  1. Justin from brain evolution says:

    Hi Praveen,
    It seems that the more people try to control things the worse things get. I recommend that law makers read more about the Law of Attraction when it comes to deciding what is best for people.
    Justin recently posted…Silva Intuition SystemMy Profile

  2. Radu says:

    Some say that TOR Network is getting more and more populate nowadays and it’s understandable.

  3. Sapna says:

    Hi Praveen,

    I think performance is the another parameter where German VPN can surely help.We can get the improved performance as well the security, I really don’t know how much performance impact be felt with the all these encryption.

    Thanks for this great share.

    Sapna recently posted…Are you an Optimistic or Pessimistic blogger(Cartoon-graphics)My Profile

  4. seo sydney says:

    Hey Praveen,
    I was not at all aware with the concept of a VPN network. This post provided me with the fundamental knowledge in this direction. A genuine thanks to you, for sharing the valuable knowledge.

  5. ubud villas says:

    This german VPN looks like a pretty essential tool. I would hate it if my private information were accesible to spammers. Thanks for taking the time to write about VPN.

  6. seo jaipur says:

    VPNs is a must have. With all the security threats people experience on the internet, it wouldn’t be wise to forego this. Thanks for the article.
    seo jaipur recently posted…The Most Important SEO Trends to Follow in 2013My Profile

  7. Sandra from veterinarian las says:

    Actually, I’m still grasping at straws about VPN. Everything is practically all gibberish to me. But I’ll be reading further into your article and review it so I could at least understand the topic better.

  8. VPN’s are becoming increasingly popular even for the non tech-savvy, due largely to a drop in price, increase in ease of use, and recent revelations regarding personal security online. I’d would definitely recommend a VPN as a necessary tool for anyone that spends time online.

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