The Trouble with High Pitch Roofs

While high-pitched roofs are ideal in areas with high levels of snow and rain, they can pose a multitude of problems for professionals in the roofing industry. A high-pitched roof, which is a steep roofing system made up of angled pieces that join together, are widely popular in areas with heavy precipitation or heavy snowfall because they are less likely to develop leaks. This roofing style also creates more space inside of a home and can add to the architectural appeal of the property. While there are several advantages to consider, building and maintaining a high-pitched gable, hip, or intersecting roof tends to be more expensive because of the risk involved. Here are some of the main reasons why high-pitched roofs present potential problems for roofers that translate into a higher cost.


Increased Personal Risk

Roofing systems with a steeper slope have a tendency to add a greater personal risk for roofers. Just because roofers are trained to work on a roof does not mean that their training keeps them safe from risk. The steeper the slope of the roof, the greater the chances of a roofer losing their footing, slipping, and falling. Even when roofers follow safety practices there is a higher chance of injury when a steep roof is involved. When a job to install a roof or to repair the roof is more risky, the roofer must charge more because they are taking on this added risk.

Increased Workers Compensation Costs

Roofers already pay high expenses for general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance because of the nature of the business. Because more accidents occur on high-pitched roofing projects, contractors who specialize in these steep systems tend to pay higher insurance rates for worker’s compensation. The increased operational expenses will translate into increased service costs.

Extended Construction Time

Constructing a high-pitched roof is a much more involved process and will take a great deal of time for even the most experienced roofers to complete. Even a project that would be simple for a low-pitched roof, like replacing shingles, will take more time. In the business world, time is money, and roofers must charge a greater fee to install, repair, and replace high-pitched roofing systems because they are spending more time on one home when they could have been working on other projects.

Specialized Safety Equipment

There are special ladders that are equipped with hooks that will attach at the peak of the roof to keep roofers safer while they are working on a high-pitched roof. Depending on steepness, contractors may also need to use safety harnesses, which can lead to limitations and restrict how much work that can get done on any given day.

As you can see, a high-pitched roof can present complications for even the most experienced professionals in the roofing industry. This is why, as a homeowner, it is essential for you to interview several different contractors before you look at price. By interviewing licensed and experience roofers, you can narrow down your options and hire a contractor that you have confidence in. Like any roof, a high-pitched system must be inspected regularly and maintained. Because there is so much risk involved with working on steep roofs, be sure to leave all of the work to the professionals so that the job is done safely and properly.



Leonard Jones is a freelance writer based in the city of Boston, MA. Those in need of a roof should view the services offered by Dallas Roof.

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  1. Even after I have weighed the financial disadvantages of choosing a high-pitched roof and the risks that building one involves, I still consider that this particular kind of roofing is essential. I am not only talking about the aesthetics but also about practicality and durability. Thank you for listing and explaining the pros and cons!

  2. High pitched roofs are favored by homeowners living in areas where there is heavy rainfall or snowfall. High pitched roofs are less likely to leak because water and the other elements do not form puddles in high-pitched roofs.

  3. Nice job outlining the various factors that must be considered with the high-pitch type roof. We don’t see many of them in Florida, but they do compliment a certain style of home. Appreciate the fact that you addressed safety – a major issue with this type of architecture. Nice post.

  4. While I agree that steep roofs are dangerous for the owner and for the professionals, there really isn’t any way around it. Especially if you live in a snowy place like I do. It’s better to risk the accidents of a steep roof then have it fall in because of the weight of the snow.

  5. Steep roofs do pose their challenges but an experienced roofing company should be able to overcome them. Unfortunately they are more common in areas with areas of high snowfall, which makes them even more tricky to work on.

  6. Roofing Contractors in Woodbury, MN rarely follow the laws regarding OSHA and safety. It just causes roofing companies that follow the rules to be penalized with higher costs. And, as if those OSHA fines are not large enough alreay.

  7. I am really excited to see how a free lancer understands the costs of a roofer. ” the roofer must charge more because they are taking on this added risk.” stated Praveen Rajarao, and I agree with him 100%. Homeowners tend to think that a roof is an hourly charge, but in reality, it is more than that. The risk is a huge factor when it comes working on the roof. I am glad I came across this article, I will be sure to spread this along to my new clients.

    Thank you,

  8. Completely agree with you Praveen! Being a roofer, I know how it is important for the home owners to seek specialized people for their jobs as every roofer excels in a particular type of roof, so you are right about doing research and get the most experienced and acclaimed roofer for their tasks.
    Ron Pickle recently posted…How Clogged Gutters Cause Roof LeaksMy Profile

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