The Naked Truth About Atish Ranjan

When it comes to blogs related to Technology, there are a handful which I follow like Carolyn@WonderOfTech , Atish@TechTricksWorld and a few others. It is not that there is no one else worth following, but too many ideas about a single concept or gadget will end me up more confused than before reading the article.

Atish Ranjan has also made several appearances on my blog like on my first Top 10 Blog Posts Roundup &  DMC’s first GiveAway. I have been following Atish from the day I started to blog and have been a fan of his writing about the latest in the tech world. He is very well informed and gives out reviews and advice about WordPress, Plugins, SEO, Social Networking, Third Party Software Tools and many more.

He was also kind enough to accept a guest post of mine which got published here – How I made a cool $400 in a few months of blogging and My First E-Book. In my recent Sunshine Award post, I nominated him to be one of my best bloggers to receive this honorary award and  I am sure he is very deserving of this as well. I am sure after reading all this, you will want to know more about him and his blogging habits. So here goes…

  Atish Ranjan
1.How long have you been blogging?I have been blogging since 4th June 2010 But seriously Since 10th May 2011 When I moved my blogspot blog to self hosted Domain.
2.How many blogs do you own and contribute for?I had just one blog till yesterday but Now I am having one more which will be online from 1st January 2012. I contribute to several blogs as guest but because of time constraint I did very few guest posts on other’s blogs.
3.What is the main purpose or objective of your blog?I have started blogging just because I love to share my knowledge so the main objective of my blog is to share the knowledge.
4.How many posts do you write on an average per week?4-5 posts per week.
5.How much time do you devote for your blog on a daily basis?3-4 Hours after returning from office.
6.How much time do you spend on tracking RSS feeds?Never Noticed the time I spend on this stuff.
7.What is your favorite social bookmarking site and Why?Stumbleupon because I get fair number of visits from here.
8.What is your blog’s monthly revenue?Aah! Its not fixed but it earn revenue around $250-$350.
9.How many page views does your blog generate daily?Around 2000-2500 pageviews Daily
10.Name one blog(apart from yours!!) you read every day without fail.There are so Many sites I do read daily whenever I get time but is the first blog I want to read daily.
11.What is your blog’s main revenue generator?Sponsored Reviews, Adsense, Sponsored Links, Affiliate Marketing(just started).
12.Do you believe in Alexa rankings for measuring traffic?Not Really.
13.Do you accept Guest Articles on your blog?Yes
14.Do you believing in spending money on promoting your blog?No.
15.Do you answer to all the comments on your blog?Yes If the comment needs an answer.
16.How did you market your blog during your initial days to get the readers that you have?Blog commenting, networking with other bloggers and social Media(facebook, stumbleupon, dig etc)
17.Any mistakes to learn from and avoid?Don’t take any decision when you are upset or angry.
18.What is your source of new post ideas?Reading various blogs and latest tech news.
19.Is having a “niche” important to bloggers?I think yes. blog about the niche in which you are an expert.
20.Any advice to a start-up blogger?Just One thing, don’t think for earning from the day you have started the blog. Just think to make your blog a great space for vital information. Earning will naturally come to you.
21.BioTechTricksWorld is a blog that shares the information about SEO, Reviews, Blogging, Social Media, PC tricks and all the stuffs related to Information Technology.
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    1. Atish – Thanks for sharing all the information which i am sure is very helpful to all the readers here. It was a pleasure having to feature you on my blog. 

      p.s. Thanks for keeping track of the comments and replying back to them. I appreciate that. 

      Please do let your readers know about this series and if they are interested in taking part, they can contact me directly. More the merrier 🙂

  1. 1st of all congratulation bro…I m very surprised by this amazing & so good thinking of u in interview……..really mai to aapki fan ho gai.*********all the best 4 ur future

  2. Im bit jealous that Atish didnt give his dates for taking interview 🙁 
    just kidding.
    its really good to know about successful bloggers and their valuable tips. and undoubtedly Atish comes top in the queue of successful bloggers. 

    1. Vaibhav – Welcome to my blog and glad you asked. 

      The purpose of this series is to bring out some hard facts about bloggers who have made some ground and getting to know them better via these simple questionnaire formats. 

      Why i chose to name it “Naked Truth” beats me, it is just a common phrase or term which we use to say that it cannot be anything but the truth. 

  3. Hey Preeven,
    Good to be here again.
    Good to know a bit more about our dear friend Atish,
    But I think you need to update this post, as the date shows 2012 and lot of things happened in between these years, as far as I know Atish there are a lot to more to added to this post. Please update it.
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a wonderful day.
    Keep informed
    ~ Philip

    1. Hello Philip,
      Good to see you on DMC. Thanks for visiting and leaving your thoughts.

      This post was written in 2012 itself, and I just shared it on FB yesterday. It was not re-written, hence there is no change done.

      Of course there are many changes over the years, and maybe I should do another interview with Atish and publish a new one again. Thanks for the thought.
      Praveen Rajarao recently posted…An Insider’s Look at Google Chrome for the iPhone and iPadMy Profile

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