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The Ideal Topics You Can Write For Your Blog

If you have a blog, not all the time you will have the idea on what topic that you will discuss. Perhaps you are experiencing a writer’s block. Meaning, not all the time our mind is active in terms of creating ideas for topics that will be discussed on the blog. Read on to broaden your horizon by determining the ideal topics for blogging.


–      Profession – It is a fact that not all bloggers discuss this topic because they think that when they blog, it allows them to get out of their real life. However, it would also best to use this as a way to attract readers. Sharing business experience is also an ideal topic to be discussed in a blog. You can also try to discuss the pros and cons of your profession or field. By this way you can able encourage people who might be interested to pursue the same path you have chosen.

–      Memory Lane – Most bloggers used to discuss about the newest happenings in the world. Travel bloggers usually discuss their travel experience and food blogger discusses new born recipes. On the other hand, it is also ideal to write a blog that discusses stories that occurred in the past. For example if you have experienced a life-threatening ordeal, you can share your experience of individuals who might also experiencing the same trial.

–      Buy and Tell – Some readers usually browse blog for them to find unbiased information about a certain product they are planning to buy. Perhaps, you have just recently bought a new laptop then all you need to do is to make an article that discusses the advantage and disadvantages of a certain product.  This is an ideal way to help buyers decide if they really have to purchase this product or not.

–      Favorite Things – This is easy because every person has favorite hobbies and interest. If you love to play the latest computer games then you can discuss it over your blog and people who also have the same interest as you will surely be attracted to read your blog. You can also discuss about your favorite animal, favorite celebrity and any material topic which interest.

–      New Gadgets – As many individuals these days are getting attracted to purchase new gadgets, doing some reviews about these products can also be a good thing. This is essential because many buyers these days are smart they don’t just throw their money without doing any research first.

There are a lot of topics that you can discuss in your blog. You just have to be creative and resourceful when making a topic. On the other hand, if your blog is about a particular niche or industry, remember that you cannot just discuss any topic under the sun. The topic that you will discuss on the blog is purely about the industry.

Blogging is undeniably one of the best means of how you can able to share your thoughts and insights. This is also the best way to earn money online without the need to go out in your house. It is an ideal way to help individuals to learn.



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12 Responses to " The Ideal Topics You Can Write For Your Blog "

  1. Justin says:

    Hey Praveen,
    I find writing inspiration by watching videos on You Tube. There is always something new and interesting to find on there that I can write about in a blog post.

    Take Care.
    Justin recently posted…Psychic Sparks – Becoming a Psychic Intuitive with Julie BarrettMy Profile

  2. Mayura says:

    Hi Fenix,

    When it comes to my blog, mostly they are favorite stuff of mine or something I’ve gone through 🙂 Except for ’em, reader questions turns into posts. Anyway I’ve never gone out of topics I think ’cause of I read more than write and try out something new for me 🙂

    Anyway I’e met people telling they are out of topics and how you find for yours 🙂 This might helpful ’em to think again and to get idea what to ocus on.

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead, Fenix and Praveen 🙂

    Mayura recently posted…How to Schedule Your Social Media Updates with BufferMy Profile

  3. Fenix,
    From my view my passion domains are my subjects. otherwise, fellow bloggers visit adds more fuel to discuss subject matters where you wish to focus. Keep reading and focused towards your target and mission. Thanks
    Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted…Hyundai Unveils NFC Driven Smart Phone Connectivity ConceptsMy Profile

  4. Ravi says:

    Well For topics i visit Good blogs, see the sub topics they should have put in the post, Watch Youtube and Write them all in my notepad so i can Remember them. Thanks Praveeen for Great tips
    Ravi recently posted…Download Nokia PC Suite Software for Windows 7/8/Vista/XP – Latest VersionMy Profile

  5. Most of the people have their own blog.People are using their blog to earn money.Through their blog they do online business and post their content.Content is the king so content should be real and fresh.

  6. Aayna says:

    Blogging is a great way to let the world know your thoughts. Writing about the newest of the gadgets has truly become a hot favorite with the bloggers. Also, relationships has been the oldest and the most favorite of all since a long time. Thanks for the share.

  7. Fatima says:

    It is very important to target a niche when choosing a topic to write about. You’ve shared some very good ones here.

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  9. jumantofin says:

    yes, social media become powerful traffic source for now
    jumantofin recently posted…My Strategies to Stop Spending MoneyMy Profile

  10. Swatee says:

    So this article caught my attention, i need an opinion about blogging.
    My blog which i just started has only recipes, and the blog name sort of hints at it as well.
    I was wondering should i be adding personal posts, or news oriented posts or just discussions if i wish to to the same blog?

    I liked all your ideas and definitely want to venture out to different topics.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Swatee recently posted…Paneer Butter Masala/Paneer MakhaniMy Profile

    • Swatee – Welcome to DMC and glad to see your comment here.

      I read your first article and have noticed that you have added couple more since then, all related to food recipes. Good going.

      I personally think that you should keep your blog posts related to your niche for now, until you have a good number of readers and followers. A single definitive niche will be helpful for you to promote your blog and get some initial followers. Moreover your blog name is very much tightly knit to your articles.

      Diversifying your articles will always lead to more diverse readers and followers, but you have to take precaution not to lose some in the process. I will try to give you some hints offline.

      Keep them coming!!!
      Praveen Rajarao recently posted…The Trouble with High Pitch RoofsMy Profile

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