Calling All New Bloggers To Submit Their Websites

You might have read my Guest Post on Why Not To Ignore the New Bloggers titled as New Bloggers are as Good as ProBloggers on Mani Karthik’s website (DailyBloggr). I am not sure how many “New Bloggers” are following me and reading my content at this time, but I thought it would be a great idea to form a forum where we can all submit our websites and get some professional opinion on how to improve and make it better.

New Bloggers Are As Good As ProBloggers

I have been following Mani Karthik for a while now and I should say I am very much impressed by the flow of his thoughts and the manner in which he puts them in his writing. I requested for writing a Guest Post on his blog and he accepted my suggestions and went ahead and published my first article for DailyBlogger. Find a summary of the post below and follow the link to read the entire post on Mani’s website.

Cloud Computing for Web Developers

This is my Guest Post written for Paul Underwood who writes technical articles about Web Development. I was overwhelmed when Paul invited me to write a post for his blog and immediately accepted the offer. In my past few weeks I was intrigued by the idea of Cloud Computing in today’s technologically advancing world and thought this was a good topic for his website. Continue Readong for more on Cloud Computing for Web Developers.