How to Set-Up a Professional Website – I

With the advent of technology and the availability of numerous Content Management Systems(CMS), it is quite easy these days to create a website or a blog and get it up and running in no time. But then, some wonder, why is my website not being indexed, what is SEO, how to create my site-map, how to take a backup, what are the useful plug-ins(out of the thousands available), how to avoid spam, etc. I thought I will share my experience and views as and when I progress with this website of mine. Hope some of you will find it useful.

My Top 5 WordPress Plugins

Just a week into my blogging and I am in love with WordPress and how easy and convenient a tool it offers to all us first-time bloggers. There is a long way to go and explore the various database parameters and tables involved, but I wanted to share my first few experiences about creating and using some of the plugins. So here goes….

My Top 5 Plugins installed on this site:

1. WordPress DB Backup – I am pretty certain that a blogger’s life would be miserable except for this useful backup utility. On my very 2nd day, i downloaded a plugin for comments/feedback, and immediately my website crashed. I was not able to logon to my WP account either and the only way left was to contact my hosting provider. He said, you need to restore from your ‘backup’. Well, that is how I actually used the Backup that I had taken a few hours back when I first installed this plugin. I think enough said now, just install this and configure a daily backup. I would also say, it is always better to send a copy of the backup file to your personal email account.