What is “Bounce Rate”

Every blogger’s online statistics tool is Google Analytics, which gives a complete report of how your website is performing and who are your visitors and which part of the world has more audience to your site. It provides graphical as well as arithmetic figures to illustrate in an easy to understand manner. The Dashboard has a Visits graphs, a Site Usage section, Traffic-Content-Visitor overview which are all very well presented for even a start-up blogger to make sense and work towards improving those numbers.

However, there is one topic which was not so straight-forward for me when I first created by Analytics account, and that is ‘Bounce Rate for your Visitors’. From my not so good background on website programming, all I could think of was maybe it means when your visitors are not able to access your website and the only reason for that could be that my hosting service was down for whatever reason. I didnt pay much attention at the time as to whether it needed any attention from my end as a blogger.

Guest Post for Suess’s Pieces

My first guest post on Leora’s blog was about “SEO for BING”, which actually helped me get another invite from one of Leora’s readers (Emily Suess) to write a guest post for her blog as well. Immediately I visited Emily’s site to see what she writes about and was very much impressed by the neat layout of her blog-site with pleasing colors and good usage of ad space. The one thing that worried me was the fact that Emily is herself a “freelance writer” and how can one possibly impress another writer with his writing!!!!
However, I couldnt give up on this wonderful opportunity to make my first (hopefully a lasting) impression on an established writer’s website, and I started putting my thoughts together and came up with a checklist for bloggers to use before hitting that “publish” button. Continue reading to read my guest article.

11 Things you dont know about Google+

From the time Google announced the release of G+, bloggers have gone haywire in writing their reviews about this new tool which also allows you to network socially among your family and friends. Few days back, it seems like Google has opened up its floodgates even more to accept more people into the “Circles” of G+. Once you get an invite to join and configure your profile on Google+, then what? How to optimize the tool to promote your business or maybe your website?
A new cheat sheet for Google+ is making its way around the web courtesy of Simon Laustsen. This handy guide uncovers some of the mechanics and shortcuts to help you successfully use Google+. I thought this would be great to share on my blog, so here goes:

More ways to Generate Traffic

My recent posts have been more about traffic generation and SEO. I had a pillar post for “10 Ways to Increase Traffic” and also wrote about “Guest Blogging” providing links to my first guest blog published on Leora Wenger’s personal website. All said and done, is this all a blogger can do to improve the visibility of his website to the outer world, or maybe we have neglected other means of achieving this. I thought I need to review this and found that several established bloggers have opined their thoughts in their blogs about the same. Here is a jist of what I found useful and easy to incorporate.

Leave Comments on Other Blogs – Make this a habit and spend almost an hour on a daily basis to read your fellow bloggers’ articles and comment on the same. You can of course include your website link to your profile and can expect atleast a handful of visitors from the site to spill over to yours in no time. You can use Comment Kahuna to find relevant blogs and to make your commenting task more easy.

My First Guest Post

I concluded my previous post saying that I will continue writing about the various ways to increase traffic on your website. But the topic of a Guest Post, whether to write guest posts and whether to invite bloggers to write guest articles in your website is a highly debated and controversial subject, which I think this whole post can be dedicated to. I have been following many established bloggers and each of them have different views on this topic for well known reasons. Some of them say that if you invite guest posts to your website, then you may lose the identity of your post and the readers may not always connect to your line of thought. Others say, writing guest posts will always help you increase the number of readers to your website, thus enhancing the website traffic and providing a lot of inbound links to your site. Each of this view has it’s own pros and cons, so as a start-up blogger, what is the route to take? Should one concentrate on maintaining the blog identity or diversify the line of thinking thus attracting readers from various niche areas? We can argue on this for ever and arrive at no conclusion due to the established facts in both school of thoughts. Continue reading to find my guest article link on SEO For BING.

10 Ways to Increase your Website Traffic

In one my other Pillar Posts, I had explained the 5 Best SEO Tactics that any blogger would have to incorporate in his website to make it optimized for the search engines. Now, I would like to take this a step further by putting forth my 10 best ideas to increase traffic on your website. The most common question any blogger would have is ‘How to get more and more people visit my blog?’ or ‘How to make my blog universally accepted?’. You may be writing post after post, but still not able to cross that 50 or 100 visitors per day mark, how to make this shoot up the horizon and cross maybe a 1000 unique visitors per day? Wouldn’t that be something to relish upon? This would be every blogger’s ultimate aim and motive to write creatively and attract every other blogger to come and subscribe to your feeds.

Bloggers Vision

In my previous post (click here), I had briefed about the various health hazards that a blogger maybe succumbed to in his/her path to a successful website. I was reading related articles over the net, and I found this video very interesting and closely associated to my previous blog. Thought I should share with my readers.

20-20-20 – Have you heard of this rule? For those of us, who spend most of their day in front of their laptops, blogging away as if there is no tomorrow, it is very important to understand and follow this rule. In simple terms, it says for every 20minutes, we need to take a 20 second break by focusing our vision on an object that is 20feet away. Simple, yet so effective.

Is Blogging a Healthy Habit?

Limited Resources – Nothing can get you more than 24hours a day, 7Days a Week, and 52Weeks in a year, and you are expected to keep up with your work, your personal life, spend time with your loved ones & get some sleep in this limited time. This can sometimes be physically challenging and leaves you asking for more.

Inspite of all these challenges, having a full time job on hand, a family with a lovely wife and a wonderful kid, I somehow got pulled into this world of “blogosphere” to become one among the millions already blogging away to glory. My blog allowed me to express my views regarding various topics from different domains, I felt at ease writing out my thoughts and opinions without having to impress anyone or having to seek guidance from anyone. This is what I really liked, today anyone can become an author, write an eBook and publish it in matter of days if they have the potential. The world of internet and particularly “blogging” has opened up a can of unlimited opportunities to a common man who can be heard across the world. Blogosphere has put the saying “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword” to a reality.

Angry Birds – Online Stores

Birds unable to fly and catch Pigs!!! How can you market a game like that? Rovio mobile has done just the same in the Apple Game Store. The concept was originally visualized by a senior game designer, Jaakko Iisalo and they took an year to develop the game with the first version of the 30levels. Though they had a good clear idea of the concept, it was something hard to sell. AngryBirds has become a success due to the fact that the characters showcased in the game showcase emotions. This is very easy to connect to the audience. The birds are angry because the pigs have stolen the eggs and this is something anyone can relate to in many scenarios on different levels.

Great Deals for Dad on Amazon This Week

It is that time of the year, when you remember what a good dad he has been and would like to present him with the best gift ever. To help you with that, Amazon has great deals running throughout this week and you can grab that something special with a click of the button. Amazon is running what is known as Lightening deals to celebrate Fathers Day and these are run only on selected hours of the day. So don’t forget to keep your eyes open and checkout the amazon.com/fathersday.

How To Find Your Stolen Camera

What is EXIF – Exchangeable Image File Format is a standard defined for digital images captured by cameras or scanners. The EXIF contains detailed information regarding the camera model, camera settings and even the software details which might have been used to edit a particular picture. You can access this information via Windows Explorer or with a basic image editing software. You wouldnt believe, but for pictures taken from mobile phones, you can also extract information like location with exact geographic coordinates that will tell where the picture was taken.

There are free utilities available like ‘QuickFix’ which will allow you to remove such personal information from pictures before making them public. An easier way to delete this information from multiple pictures is simply by selecting all of them in Windows Explorer, go to the details tab of the properties window and click on the “Remove Properties and Personal Information”.

My Top WordPress Plugins – Revisited

One of my initial posts was about the Best WordPress Plugins I had downloaded within a week of starting my blog. Now whenever I go to my PlugIns section I realize I have far more than those 5 and thought it is time I shared this with all you bloggers out there.

In my first post, I had mentioned these as my Top 5:

WordPress DB Backup
Google SiteMaps
All In One SEO Pack

How to Research Domain Names

I am sure if you are looking to create a new website, you will be rather frustrated with the unavailability of most of your preferred domain names. Imagine the day when the first website was created and the options available to the person who did that!!! People got into this pretty quickly and started consuming all the straight names thus leading to many with alphanumeric characters and acronyms. So what is the best way to research for a particular name? If you have decided your niche area, it will be pretty easier to search around it and arrive at a final decision. Of course there are many tools available which will help you do this research(not surprisingly!!).

Computer Ergonomics – Maintain a Good Posture

How many hours do you spend on a regular day, sitting at your PC or Laptop? How you do this also has implications on your health as well as your productivity. There are a lot of physio-therapists out there, preaching everyday on “How to Sit Straight” or “How to maintain a good posture”. Many of us tend to ignore them and carry on with our life, working on computers at least half of the day.

It is NOT about Sitting Up Straight – You may be head over heels following those postures prescribed by your chiropractor, but still visit him every month complaining about neck pain or back pain. You are not alone, and do realise that, however you adjust your computer chair for the height and stiffness of the back support, it is not so simple to follow these instructions on your body.

Popularise your blog with Comment-Kahuna

All professional bloggers will have an ultimate objective of having those patronized visitors to their site by writing good content of interest and always maintaining the regular flow of traffic. Apart from these regulars, you may also chance upon those stray visitors who “happen-to” visit your website. To get and retain back these strays is a good technique and it always depends on your blog content. Let us first focus on how to get accidental visitors to your site. There are many ways to do this and one professional way is to read and comment on articles in other professional websites or blogs. You may not believe this, but there are “tools” to do this as well. One such tool is Comment Kahuna.