My Review of the Movie – Boss Baby

When I went to watch The Beauty and the Beast in the theaters last week, I saw the preview of the movie Boss Baby. I wanted to see the movie, so I asked my parents if we could. So, yesterday I invited my friend Aiden to come and watch the movie with us. This is my Review of the Movie – Boss Baby, I hope you like it and go watch it soon.

When we reached me and Aiden were really hungry, so we picked some pretzel bites with nacho cheese and a bag of mini starburst. When we went inside, I did not know the seats would recline. I was so surprised and found it very comfortable to watch.

My Review of the Movie – Boss Baby

Here is me and my friend Aiden relaxing in the reclined seats with our snacks ready for the movie to begin. My Review of the movie Boss Baby

I did not know what to expect from the movie. In the previews, they showed us a small baby which could talk and boss around the family, that was very funny.

The movie was even better than the previews and there were so many hilarious moments. The baby was really bossy especially with its elder brother. The scene at the very beginning of the movie where they showed how the babies were made and delivered to families is very cute. I dont want to spoil the fun for you if you are planning to watch the movie.

The only thing I missed in this movie were some good songs. There were some short ones which were actually lullabies.

What I learnt from this movie was that no matter how much the elder brother hated the baby for being bossy, at the end, he realizes that family comes first and you always take care of your loved ones. He really starts missing the baby when it is away and wishes that the baby was there with him everyday of his life.

My favorite line from the movie is when the baby yells “Put the cookie down, cookies are for closures”. That was a good scene.

I would ask all kids to go watch this movie in the theaters and I am sure you will love it like I did.


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  1. Very nice Neha!!! Looks like a nice movie for a spring break. Thanks for the blog and we will watch it in the theatre just for you.

  2. I think only Indians can understand this movie better because they know the relationships better than any other country. if u are not watch this movie then you can watch online this movie on

  3. That is so awesome that you started blogging at such a young age. We try to encourage our kids to start early as well. If you really keep it up, you will be able to provide for yourself when you go to college, just by doing something that you love and comes natural to you. All we can tell you from Polka Dot Design is to keep up the good work, Neha! We’re proud of you.

  4. I just finished watching this. They don’t really make good cartoons anymore that would become classics, like Ice Age for example. But yeah still enjoyed it.

  5. Wow amazing!!
    I dont have words to express you lill Neha, but I must say that you are amazing.The way you express you thoughts are awesome.One day you will be a good writter Inshanallah my prayers are with you. BEST OF LUCK

  6. Hey Praveen,

    That was an incredible review of the movie. I watched it a few weeks back online and found it really amazing. The best part about this review is that your little daughter have written and it is awesome in an early age.

    Wish you luck for your future,
    Ankit Singh

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