My 9 Year Old Daughter Wants to Blog!!!

Should Kids Even Blog?

Does anyone have any opinion on this? Is there any age limit for kids to start their own blog? What challenges do parents face by allowing their kids to have their own space? I have always thought about this and I feel…well, l should allow my 9 year old daughter to blog and express her opinions. Sometimes they may be a little silly (appropriate to her age), but I personally think there are far more benefits than not to blog. So here goes:

Blogging allows my daughter to improve her flow of imagination

My daughter turned 9 this January and she has been tasked at school to write essays and short stories. She makes up some fiction and brings it to me and asks is it ok? I find it so good that I cannot find any mistakes. Although I always tell her to keep her imagination flow and not to lose the interest of her readers. 

I feel by letting her express her imagination through a blog will definitely improve her writing skills and give her more freedom of thought. 

Blogging allows my daughter to deal with critics

Being a parent, you always tend to admire your child’s work. My daughter always amazes me with her new thoughts and the way she assesses a situation or a person. But when I have her writing exposed to the world, I am hoping that she will also learn how to deal with positive and negative criticisms. 

There is always a time when your kids stop holding your hand and go out and explore the world. I am sure blogging is a  very good methodology to have them prepared for facing the world alone. 

Blogging allows my daughter to improve her communication

Communication is a critical tool in today’s world either by speech or by writing. One should always learn the best way to communicate a good thought and also at the same time, know how to communicate with someone whom you have never seen or met before. 

I am sure starting a blog-space of her own will allow my daughter to improve her skills in communicating via posts and comments. She will get to know people around the world who may read her blog and leave a comment. She will also communicate with them when she replies to their comments and tries to answer any questions that might be asked. 

Blogging may help my daughter with some pocket money in a few years

Blogs can be monetized and making my daughter learn about monetization and how bloggers earn money by writing will actually motivate her to keep up with this habit. Having a little extra money on the side is always a good reason and if it can be earned by publishing your thoughts, who would not want to do that? 

Of course, I will be adding here that there will be restrictions that parents need to put on their kids blog, like what they write will always be proof-read by parents, comments will be moderated and replies will be written in accordance. Right now, I am allowing my daughter to share my blog and see how far she goes with this. Once she comes of age, I am sure she will start on her own, but for now, DMC has to meet her needs!!!

Introducing my daughter – Neha Praveen

I have written several posts earlier on DMC about my daughter, when she turned 4 years and again when she turned 5. I also had a blog dedicated for her when she was yet to be born and that was on At Wits End

Neha is now 9 years and as everybody says ‘Time flies’, you never know when your small darling daughter grew so big. It seems like yesterday when I held her in my hands for the first time and those moments can never be forgotten. 

Without taking more time, I would like to introduce to you all my daughter’s first blog post. I have to say that she made up this entire story in a few minutes and has used my laptop to bring it to you guys. She asked me how to correct some sentences, but apart from that, it is all her work. And of course, she makes me even proud today!!!

The Science Decathlon    By: Neha Praveen   Age 9

Once upon a time there was a huge school full of kind students. A girl named Andrea had a very nice friend named Nicky. They were both in the same class. After an hour the teacher announced ,”The science decathlon is back so make sure you have an amazing project with whoever  you partnered up with! It is due next year on Jan.1st”!

Andrea  and Nicky were so excited. It was the end of the day so Andrea and Nicky planned what to make together. They had so many ideas, they decided to pick the best one. They picked something called Foam-Folia. It is like a ball of foam that you can break apart and it feels like clouds inside!!

Andrea and Nicky got started right away. They found some Foam and made it into a ball shape. After 1 hour Nicky asked Andrea “Can I look on my computer on how to make this”?Andrea said “Yeah sure”. Soon after that it was already Dec.31st. Andrea’s and Nicky’s project was done just in time!

The next day Andrea and Nicky went to the contest. When they reached they were already announcing the winner in first place! It was Andrea’s and Nicky’s project .They were sooo happy! They yelled “Yaayyy”! Andrea and Nicky went on stage and got the trophy! They both ran back home and shouted out to their parents.”Mom, Dad”!We won the contest”! Andrea’s mom asked what contest girl’s? “Don’t you remember”? “The science decathlon”?Asked Andrea.”Oh yeah”. “So what were you saying again”?”Momm”,groaned Andrea. Nicky told her instead. Finally her mom remembered what the girl’s were saying. Nicky’s parents and Andrea’s parents were so glad.

The next day the girl’s parents had a surprise party for them. When Andrea and Nicky found out they were so surprised! Both of their parents said “We were really happy so we planned a surprise party”! “Thank you so much”! Said the girl’s. so they all ate cake and danced for a long time!!!

The End!!!

Thank you for reading my short story. I want to know what you think about it. Did you like the picture I drew? My dad took a photo of it and put it here. I will try to write more and more so we can become blogging friends. Please leave me a comment and I will answer to you. Bye. 

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I am Neha Praveen and I am 9 years old. My dad introduced me to writing blogs and I have started writing short stories on my dad's blog - I want to express my thoughts as stories and write them so the entire world can read and share.

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  1. Very well written dear Neha ! When the girls thank their parents for the surprise party – no need of an apostrophe. “Thank you so much! said the girls”.
    Love the play of your words and the story telling style, all the best. Keep them coming !

    1. Hello Rashmi,

      Thank you. I am working on my grammar and it is nice of you to point out my mistake. I will correct that.

      I love making up stories, characters, settings, places that are not real. I will write more stories like this, I hope you will come back and read them all.

      Neha Praveen recently posted…Back to Blogging!!!My Profile

  2. Hello Neha,
    Very well written.
    I would love to read more of your stories.
    I just can’t believe you are 9 year old already .
    Keep up the good work.

    – Sandhya

  3. Hi Neha,

    Great post! I liked the flow, the story and your writing style. When I was 9 I just wanted to play video games LOL. Well done.

    Praveen, great move for allowing her to blog. Dig the opening to feedback because that was a big obstacles for me early on in blogging. I feared getting various forms of feedback so shied away from guest posting and putting myself out there. Excellent experience for her.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…10 Tips to Get Massive Blog TrafficMy Profile

  4. Hello Ryan,

    Welcome back to DMC. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement to my daughter. I hope she hangs on to the writing habit long enough to realize the potential.

    Yes, I do hope we got some exposure and encouragement earlier on in life, and I dont want my daughter to say the same when she grows up.

    Hope to see you back soon.

    Praveen Rajarao recently posted…How I’ve earned more than $100 with mPlus AppMy Profile

  5. Hi Praveen and welcome Neha to the blogosphere 🙂

    Good to be back on DMC after long, and better still to have another young blogger here today! Nothing could be better than a father teaching his child the right and wrong of blogging.

    She sure has a flair for writing, and over time would only get better, so keep going, whenever you find a little time away from your studies, Neha, as those are important also.

    Reminds me of my little one, who also wants to start her own blog, though still needs to take out time for it – a real blog, and perhaps she may, one fine day.

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Interview with Chandler Bolt: Self-Publishing School Founder and EntrepreneurMy Profile

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Nice to see you back here on DMC.

      I am sure my daughter will value all the words of encouragement in these comments and I hope she takes yours seriously about her studies as well.

      How old is your daughter? Are you encouraging her to write? I am sure she will be a wonderful blogger with your guidance.

      Hope to see you back here soon.
      Praveen Rajarao recently posted…How I’ve earned more than $100 with mPlus AppMy Profile

  6. Hello Neha,
    Good to see you on your Dad’s blog.
    Good start. Keep it up, I think I commented on one of your posts.
    Anyways I could see more of your skills here. Keep it up .
    Keep doing, but note that, blogging requires lot of time and it may take your more time, but note that study is more important at this time concentrate more on it, of course your Dad knows this well.
    All the best keep writing,drawing and share.
    @Praveen pl make the pics straight.
    You are lucky enough to have a talented little asset!
    May God Bless Her.
    Good Wishes.
    Keep informed
    Philip Uncle

  7. Hi Praveen,

    This is the most amazing post, I have come across in recent times.

    I too have a concern like, is there any ideal age for kids to enter into the blogospere. My kid is 6 and half now and loves to surf different topics and meanings from his text book. I am thinking to introduce him to blog writing, may be in a year or two and offcourse only if he finds interest in.

    And Neha, welcome to the world of blogging. Loved your story. Keep them coming, whenever you get some time out of your studies. Take care lil angel 🙂
    Manidipa Bhaumik recently posted…How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting for BeginnersMy Profile

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