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So much has developed in these past years in the field of technology especially when it comes to software technology and so has the operating systems that we use in our personal computers, laptops, tabs etc. But the main point that pops up is that so many users who operate computers and use operating systems have remote knowledge of different types of operating systems available today.


  1. AIX and AIXL: Advanced interactive executive is a series of UNIX operating systems developed by IBM for its different platforms. It was the first ever OS to use journaling file system and other features of disk and network virtualization, processor etc. have e
  2. BSD: Berkeley Software Distribution is a Unix OS developed by computer system research group of university of California for various platforms. Introduced in late 1977, there are four different editions of BSD available namely FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, MAC OS X.
  3. Corel Linux: This OS is a Debian based OS which was introduced in late 1999 developed by Corel group for various platforms. It used its own file manager CFM and not KFM. Its second edition made accessible in deluxe and regular download editions.
  4. DUnix: Digital UNIX is an operating system normally used and established on the Alpha platforms. The digital developer made it available for various platforms.
  5. DYNIX/ptx: it is an enhanced version of class OS for enterprise developed by IBM for various platforms. It has been basically fabricated for Intel architecture environment, precisely for DBMS (Data Base Management Systems) settings.
  6. HP-UX: This was introduced in 1986 developed by Hewlett Packard for various platforms. Designed for most critical apps and IT services online, it was aimed at reducing complexity of businesses coming online
  7. IRIX: This UNIX based OS was developed by SGI in 1982 for various platforms.
  8. KolibriOS: This OS is a small open source OS using assembly language fully.  Also, it is the smallest graphical user interface operating system.
  9. Linux: It is a UNIX like OS developed by Linus Torvalds for various platforms made under the free and open source software distribution. It was first presented as a free operating system for Intel based systems of X 86 families.
  10. Mac OS: Mac is a series of GUI (graphical user interface) based operating systems developed by Apple Inc. for Apple Macintosh platform. The OS has two series namely Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X. Different versions like Mac OS 8, 9, 10 and Mac OS X are there.
  11.  MS DOS: Introduced in 1981, this is an operating system developed by Microsoft for IBM platform for X86 based PCs. It is a non-graphical command line OS and its command shell i.e. windows command line is still used today despite the OS being not used that much.
  12. Sun Solaris: it’s a UNIX variant OS that was presented for SPARC computers. Build by sun; it was mean for various platforms.
  13. UNIX: It is as a multiuser and multitasking OS developed 1969 by Bell Labs for various platforms. It has many branches today for commercial vendors developed by AT&T.
  14. Windows 95: It’s a GUI based OS, produced by Microsoft for IBM platform in 1995. It integrated MS DOS and windows products.
  15. Windows 98: This OS came after 3 years to Windows 95, developed by Microsoft for IBM platform; it was the 2ndmajor release in the windows OS line.
  16. Windows XP: Designed by the same group, this was released in 2001 and became the most widely used operating system in windows line.
  17. Windows Vista: It was released by Microsoft in 2007 and lately received  lot of criticism by users and vendors.
  18. Windows 7: This is an OS developed by Microsoft for use on personal computers, laptops, tablet PCs, media centers PCs and netbooks etc., developed for platform “IBM”. And Windows 7 got accessibly by users all over the world on 22nd Oct, 2009. It’s widely available in six editions namely Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate.
  19. Windows 8: This OS is a sort of Microsoft Windows Operating System formed by Microsoft for personal computers such as desktops, laptops, tabs and home theater systems having “IBM” platform. The OS was released in 2012 on 26th October for users. The OS can be bought online on Microsoft group’s website.

A lot of people are confined to knowing Windows (different versions) or maybe Mac but not much. So, to help users know more OS in the market, it is a list of popular operating systems available in the market.


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  1. I personally think windows 7 is by far the best version of windows ever made. I’m using it for a couple of years now and I never had a problem, unlike previous versions like 98 and XP.
    But I also adore Linux, especially Ubuntu, its a completely different animal, a one that works, good.
    Christian recently posted…Old PicturesMy Profile

      1. Atish me too hated windows Vista and i had used it for just for first week from Its Launching.
        Window Xp was awesome I was my first ever windows experience but now am using windows 7.windows8 is Also an awesome OS but it has many bugs so i have installed it on my Virtual Machine.

    1. You can say that Windows 7 is the best system from Microsoft’s suite.I used Mandriva and Ubuntul linux distro and i can say that if i have to chose between them i would stick with Ubuntu. To bad that there are not that many games available for Linux.

  2. Hi Atish,

    Nice to see you here mate 🙂

    I just have an old PC which is 11 years old and runs XP SP3 on it 🙂 I Don’t have problem with using any kind of Windows and I like look and feel of Windows 8 though.

    I think it’s a matter of knowing what a specific OS can do and we can utilize it better. Even Vista is a fail, I know some who loves it and still use instead of Windows 7 and 8.

    Have a GREAT week, Atish and Praveen 🙂

    Mayura recently posted…Save Web Content or Pages to View Later with PocketMy Profile

  3. Everything’s still murky for me at this point, but then again, I’ll take a second spin at reading this article. I’m not at all that familiar with operating systems.

  4. I think my liking for windows has stopped at windows 7. Windows 8 is definitely out of my patience. I have two laptops and I prefer using the old one than the new one I bought. Just because of the OS.

  5. After reading this post i found this post is awesome and i getting a lot of knowledge information from this post. I really inspired because your website contents are so good that provides a lot of information and this post is also nice. Great job to be continue. I will come back again for getting some more knowledge information. Thanks again
    Rahul kumar recently posted…Types of An Operating SystemMy Profile

  6. I am very happy to see this post …this is a valuable post that i don’t find on other site i found this on these site …it make my friend also helpful thank you for sharing this post ….i bookmarked this site for daily purpose thanks once again

  7. Hi,

    An avid Windows 7 user here. I haven’t actually used other versions (except XP) so I can’t really differentiate but according to my friends, other Windows versions suck. Great thing my new PC is running Win7. LOL.

  8. Awesome article about operating systems.I knew that there are other operating systems like Linux and Unix are there but they are used for some specific tasks but didn’t know about other OS.Thanks Bro for sharing great information.Good Work.

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