Health Benefits of Gaming – An Infographic

Health Benefits of Gaming – An Infographic

Many things about the modern world are said to be bad for us. We eat too much sugar, we do not exercise enough, and we are over-stimulated, spending too much time online and not enough interacted with real people. You may think that video game should be included on this list. Video games compromise the health of adults and children alike? They encourage violence and anti social behavior? They also wreck your brain power: hours staring at the screen and playing on inane video games will surely not help you become a brain box? Right? Wrong, or so research suggests. Read below to know the actual health benefits of gaming and how it may actually help you in the long run.

Gaming actually seems to have beneficial effects on health. Take your memory for example. Gaming can, according to empirical evidence, actually strengthen the brain areas that are responsible for memory. Likewise, spatial awareness: gaming can improve your spatial awareness through the same process. This is also the case for planning and motor skills. If you have been involved in a traumatic event or an accident that causes you chronic pain, gaming can also be good for this.

So, despite the possible negative public perception about gaming, and the prevalence of the view that gaming is not the healthiest actually, it can actually be good for your cognitive health in a variety of amazing ways. If only gaming it also give you rock hard abs! We would never have to leave the house!

To find out other ways in which gaming can affect  your health in a positive way, see the infographic from our colleagues at Computer Planet.


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  1. Hi praveen, i agree with you.. Playing games can improve our memory capacity and we can easily relief from stress when ever a busy day a out. This is very help when we stress with a busy day.
    Thanks for sharing with us, keep posting.

  2. Yes i totally agree with your words, gaming can help out of stress, but some games are very harmful to our health when we continuously play like headache.
    This is very informative article, keep it up.

  3. Hmm I agree with your points @praveen, But I feel the addition of gaming could be harmful. I have seen people during my collage days that how they skip their lectures and other important things and playing games only. I believe gaming is good for health, but with balanced way.

  4. I play Call of Duty every day. I’m not good but with practice, I’ll get better. I also use gaming as a way to calm myself and keep my mind active with strategies and whatnot.

  5. Gaming improves hand eye coordination. Improves your relfexes. But again Gaming sessions should not be extended so much that you start harming your bodies in different ways. Happy Gaming 🙂 Good Article, Thanks.

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