Coffee The Only Energy Boost That’s Good For Your Body

Coffee The Only Energy Boost That’s Good For Your Body

 When the siren call of your alarm tears you up out of bed and the glare of the sunlight bursting through the windows feels more like a punishment than an offer to seize the day, it’s no wonder you slap the snooze button. But while work, may feel like torture and the idea of doing anything other than a Netflix binge in your onesie sounds depressing, there is a means to put the pep back in your step.

Coffee The Only Energy Boost That’s Good For Your Body

Having been worshiped by humanity for centuries, coffee has a special place in our society for many reasons. The quintessential drink for everybody from the working man to the executive and even the animal lover, a cup of coffee can get you through just about anything. Coffee has been found to be a fantastic source of energy and it has beneficial effects on your body, let’s unpack the science behind the brew.

If you are worried about getting a decent coffee fix without the prerequisite sugar hit and milk explosion, along with foam and chocolate dust no less. After all, we live in the twenty first century and need to be spoiled. Then, why not try out the many different apps for coffee lovers out there and get to making your own brew in no time?

Coffee for the body, mind, and soul

 The average cup of Joe contains about 108 mg of caffeine, compared to green tea’s 25mg its clear to see why most people can’t get out of bed without it. Caffeine is a chemical that when transported to your brain, hooks onto a neurotransmitter known as adenosine, which is responsible for slowing down and relaxing your mental activity.

However, when caffeine gets a hold of adenosine, it bars it from having any activity within your mind, allowing you to feel more alert. The increased levels of caffeine within the general bloodstream of your person, causes a further reaction. The chemical epinephrine leads to a higher level of reactivity and alertness within your body. Therefore, thank coffee for your ninja skills.

Coffee has been found to have a numerous host of positive benefits for both the physical and mental well-being of coffee worshippers. Firstly, for those struggling to recover after workouts due to heightened muscle pain, if two cups of coffee are consumed then pain can be lowered by at least 48%.

Coffee has been found to reduce the risk of inflammation of the liver and can also help to decline the overall level of burnout experienced by enzymes within the liver. An analysis of studies conducted by Dr Frank Hu from Harvard found that for each cup of coffee drank, the total risk for contracting type two diabetes contracts by 9%, for the decaf lovers it falls by 6%.

Furthermore, the consumption of the dark liquid has been found to lower the incidence of depression, risk for suicide, risk for ailments such as Parkinson’s disease and helps protect against the formation of cardiovascular disease. Bearing in mind that it has been found that coffee is the second most profitable export worldwide after crude oil.

For those seeking an antioxidant boost but can never seem to pack in their daily dose of cinnamon, blueberries or mangoes, coffee may just be the answer. Especially as it is the leading source of antioxidants within the diets of many Americans.

Coffee is packed with polyphenols which help to fight against inflammation within the body preventing many illnesses from heart disease to type 2 diabetes, provided you are having black coffee or very little sugar/milk infused coffee. So, not exactly your pumpkin spiced latte, but still coffee.

The dangers of energy drinks

 People who are living with heart conditions may have serious medical emergencies, such as a heart attack when drinking a few energy drinks within a close time frame. This is thought to be due to the fact that energy drinks can cause individuals to have far more powerful and random contractions of the heart, this can be further exasperated by physical activity.

The high level of sugar within these energy drinks has also been linked to the formation of type two diabetes. Those who suffer from anxiety or are prone to panic attacks should also be wary as it has been found that the consumption of energy drinks may lead to a higher probability of panic.

They have also been linked to poor sleep and insomnia, along with carelessness for rules, can induce vomiting, and has been found to be an addictive substance. It has been reported to raise the blood pressure of individuals who drink copious amounts of energy drinks within a short period of time.

Finally, due to the large variety of additives and other ingredients found in these drinks, they are known to cause allergic reactions. With all this in mind, you might be wondering what on earth is appropriate to get your energy fix from. Coffee may be recommended for a healthy boost to your energy levels in reasonable amounts. Provided you remember to drink responsibly.


 Coffee has long been loved around the globe, from Ethiopia to the Middle East and even in much beloved USA, after all, everyone knows there is nothing more quintessentially American than a cup of freshly ground black coffee and a doughnut. Why not when seeking your next energy fix, after the mid-afternoon slump, grab a cup of coffee for a natural high that will do wonders for your health as well?


Sarah has always been fond of coffee, but she now knows that it packs more benefits and wellness aspects that not many know of. That’s why she started We Dream of Coffee so she can share what’s she learned and help other people appreciate the benefits of coffee.


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  1. Hah! I love coffee too. However I hated coffee up until 10 years ago when I only drank Tea. At that time I would ahve hated every one of your “we love coffee” words and considered it cheesy… but as a coffee lover I have to agree with what you say.. and it is the first thing I do in the morning (“pop the kettle on!”)

    I can agree with energy drinks too. My co-workers both consume vast amounts of energy “crap” (my words) every day and Ive seen videos where the contents of these drinks is not exactly inspiring (think of a slimy sludge within the drink just floating there.. yeuch!

    As for the health benefits (ie antioxidants), Ill struggle to switch to pure Black coffee… I have to have milk and sweeteners! Sorry!

  2. I like your article about coffee. You have explained in details about how it boosts the energy for our’s very interesting and very helpful for me and others. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Interesting read. Where I come folks are lovers of tea and it will be interesting to try out coffee and confirm the effects you’ve pointed here. I like the way you’ve described that morning feel where it feels like a punishment. Oh, that is so true.

  4. The coffee is awesome and surely has its benefits but people should be careful with all the energy drinks. First people should be aware that you can get addicted to your morning cup of coffee and people who live with heart conditions should definitely be careful with all energy drinks. Usually it is advised to stop drinking such and go on a more heatier diet.

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