The Naked Truth About Harshajyoti Das

Getting to know more about Harsh from FireYourMentor where he writes on tips on internet marketing and entrepreneurship. He also accepts Guest Posts on his website with some guidelines listed on his Write For Us page.

The Naked Truth About Hajra Khatoon

Had anybody else thought that her last name was “kvetches”?? Well, I surely did until recently when I started interacting more with her and her blog!!!! If you have known Hajra, you would already know that she is the type of person who can grow your comments into pages and reply to every single piece of information on your post.

The Naked Truth About Olawale Daniel

Getting to know more about Olawale Daniel from Technology Blog, techatlast, where he writes on tech tips and tricks SEO, Blogging Tips and share guides and tips to help others in their daily endeavors.

The Naked Truth About Srinivas Rao

Srinivas Rao is the author and founder of TheSkoolOfLIfe where he blogs about how to nurture one’s behavioral skills and learn new things in everyday life. He has some real-time examples of his experiences and has a wonderful way of narrating them. Continue reading to get to know him better and learn what the Skool Of Life has to offer you.

The Naked Truth About Barry Wells

The King of Internet Marketing is here!!!!!! Barry Wells has been a virtual guide to learn how to be successful in the field of Internet Marketing for all newbies around here in the blogging world. You add him as a friend and follow him on one his social profiles, and am sure he will have something to offer to you, maybe like a few tidbits about your own blog or website.

The Naked Truth About Bill Dorman

If you do not know Bill Dorman yet, you have missed out some of the well written ingenious articles by him, which you should really go and check out in his archives. Though I should say I have known him from a short while ago, he is a person who will make you feel comfortable from the very first interaction with him, with his funny one-liners and humorous remarks and comments.

The Naked Truth About Jamie Northrup

Jamie Northrup is a Web Consultant and owns and operators his personal blog – along with 7 other blogs about Business Cards, Rap Music, WordPress Themes, MoneyMaking Opportunities and the like.

The Naked Truth About Catherine Alexandra

Cat, as she is better known as, writes for her website which I have found as a well designed and maintained blog. Recently, she has published a page where you can “promote yourself and your blog” with as many links back to your website or your social profiles.

The Naked Truth About Adrienne Smith

One of my favorite bloggers of all time, Adrienne Smith has been a pleasant acquaintance for quite a few months now. I have been a regular on her site – and the first things I am sure everyone will notice are the number of comments that she gets for each and every post of hers!!!

The Naked Truth About Bryce Christiansen

Are you stressed out trying to balance your life between work and family? Do you think you are not devoting enough time with your kids because you have a job to do and a blog to maintain? Is blogging that strenuous that it might become an impediment in your beloved life and may even destroy what is left of it? I think the right answers to all these questions can be found at which is an awesome site and a blog maintained by Bryce Christiansen.

The Naked Truth About Harleena Singh

Just 34 posts old and she already has more than 500 followers on FaceBook, 1500 followers on Twitter and more than a 1000 people have her in their circles on Google+!!!!! For every post she writes, she gets loads and loads of comments from all awesome bloggers and writers, and she never fails to reply to each one of them and thank them in return for visiting her blog.

The Naked Truth About Lisa Nicholson

Lisa Nicholson is a Virtual Assistant who offers many online services like Real Estate, Administration, Social Media, Design services and Contact Management services. Can you imagine how easy it would be to just hire your own assistant to take care of your administrative work without having to provide all the basic necessities to her in your office space?

The Naked Truth About Marya Zainab

Wouldn’t it be great to learn a little bit more about someone who has been featured on most of the well-known blogging websites like ProBlogger, DailyBlogTips,WriteToDone, LifeHack & BestBloggingTipsOnline not once, but multiple times!!!!!

The Naked Truth About Dee Ann Rice

Dee Ann of has been a wonderful acquaintance from quite some time now and I love reading through her articles ranging from challenges to pet peeves, from social networking to blogging fun, from How To guides to competitions. All of them have a unique flavor of the writer and she brings out her personal thoughts and experiences in each one of them.

The Naked Truth About Nico Julius

He calls himself the “WordPressNinja” and true to his blog’s title, he surely has some very interesting articles about CMS tools and WordPress in particular. Nico Julius has been writing for his blog for more than a year now and has covered most of the technical aspects of the wonderful blogging tool with emphasis on plugins, reviewing several books and third-party tools, various themes and how to customize them with a few little tweaks of the CSS and also he has a section of “WordPress Tutorials” which you really need to check out.

The Naked Truth About Justin Mazza

Justin is one blogger whom I have been following to get my updates on spiritual and personal development topics. His website – MazzaStick, has a warm feeling from the moment you stumble onto it and takes you through a journey of his personal thoughts about how to make your life more meaningful with good thoughts and healthy habits. Any new blogger should really consider reading his eBook – Guide for New Bloggers.