New Bloggers Are As Good As ProBloggers

I have been following Mani Karthik for a while now and I should say I am very much impressed by the flow of his thoughts and the manner in which he puts them in his writing. I requested for writing a Guest Post on his blog and he accepted my suggestions and went ahead and published my first article for DailyBlogger. Find a summary of the post below and follow the link to read the entire post on Mani’s website.

Cloud Computing for Web Developers

This is my Guest Post written for Paul Underwood who writes technical articles about Web Development. I was overwhelmed when Paul invited me to write a post for his blog and immediately accepted the offer. In my past few weeks I was intrigued by the idea of Cloud Computing in today’s technologically advancing world and thought this was a good topic for his website. Continue Readong for more on Cloud Computing for Web Developers.

5 Point Makeover

I had a wonderful oppportunity of submitting my article for a second time to Leora who welcomed the idea and published my post on my blog. My first post on Leora’s website was about “SEO for BING” which was published earlier last month. This time I decided to concentrate more on re-designing your website for quick improvements in the overall appearance. Read a brief about the article below and continue reading the article at – 5 Quick Improvements For Your Blog.

5 Inspirational Sources of Images for Blog Posts

Guest Post by Leora Wenger of

Using stock images for your blog posts? Think again. If your writing is imaginative, unique, creative and inspirational, why shouldn’t the image you choose be so as well?
Sources in Your Every Day World
Note: it isn’t hard to achieve nice photographs with even a simple camera. I’ve owned several Canon Powershots, and you can get a nice simple photograph even before you are ready to upgrade to the fancier, more expensive cameras.

To Be a Great Blogger, You Need a Great Flaw

Guest Post by Emily Suess of Suess’s Pieces.

If you’ve ever taken a course in fiction, you’ve probably heard the maxim “character is plot, plot is character.” It’s a rather succinct way of saying that when you create a well-developed character with a conflicting personal flaw, the flaw will sort of automagically* drive your story’s plot. But flaws do more than help authors create a nice story line.

For example, take Sherlock Holmes. He really is brilliant when it comes to the art of deduction. But without his drug addiction, he’s almost too smart and too brilliant to be very likable. His druggie behavior gives him depth and keeps most us from hating his guts. We think to ourselves, Holmes is imperfect like me. I’m imperfect like Holmes. Therefore, I love Holmes.

This is how it happens. The characters make us fall in love with the books. But the flaws are what make us fall in love with the characters.

Guest Post for Suess’s Pieces

My first guest post on Leora’s blog was about “SEO for BING”, which actually helped me get another invite from one of Leora’s readers (Emily Suess) to write a guest post for her blog as well. Immediately I visited Emily’s site to see what she writes about and was very much impressed by the neat layout of her blog-site with pleasing colors and good usage of ad space. The one thing that worried me was the fact that Emily is herself a “freelance writer” and how can one possibly impress another writer with his writing!!!!
However, I couldnt give up on this wonderful opportunity to make my first (hopefully a lasting) impression on an established writer’s website, and I started putting my thoughts together and came up with a checklist for bloggers to use before hitting that “publish” button. Continue reading to read my guest article.

My First Guest Post

I concluded my previous post saying that I will continue writing about the various ways to increase traffic on your website. But the topic of a Guest Post, whether to write guest posts and whether to invite bloggers to write guest articles in your website is a highly debated and controversial subject, which I think this whole post can be dedicated to. I have been following many established bloggers and each of them have different views on this topic for well known reasons. Some of them say that if you invite guest posts to your website, then you may lose the identity of your post and the readers may not always connect to your line of thought. Others say, writing guest posts will always help you increase the number of readers to your website, thus enhancing the website traffic and providing a lot of inbound links to your site. Each of this view has it’s own pros and cons, so as a start-up blogger, what is the route to take? Should one concentrate on maintaining the blog identity or diversify the line of thinking thus attracting readers from various niche areas? We can argue on this for ever and arrive at no conclusion due to the established facts in both school of thoughts. Continue reading to find my guest article link on SEO For BING.