Best wired earbuds for runners under $50

If you are a frequent runner and also enjoy listening to your “run playlist” while on the go, you might have had a challenge with your earphones.


Top 10 Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100

I would recommend that you choose from the best wireless noise cancelling headphones for the most amazing experience one would like to have. Listening to music and “experiencing” the music are entirely different

5 Mother’s Day Gifts Mom would Actually Use

Technology gifts for Mother’s Day can be a double edged sword. They are trendy and fun to give, but they can lead to hours (or months) of follow up tech support and frustration before the gift winds up in the hall closet for good. If your Mom is anything like mine, the best technology gifts are ones that are straightforward and don’t have a lot of bells and whistles.

Make Money From VigLink

It has been a while since I wrote this article on VigLink – A Retrospective, and since then I sort of concentrated on many other affiliate programs and CPC tools. But one good thing about VigLink is that once you have your API Key installed in your site, you really dont have to do anything else with it.

Why A Blogger Should Become An Affiliate Marketer

When I started this blog, I started to look into every possible avenues to monetize my website. I enrolled for multiple CPC programs and started hosting sponsored ads on my site, but of course, never realized any revenue from any of these sources. Later realized that monetizing isnt the ultimate objective of owning a blog, I gained friendship of some awesome bloggers, got added into those prestigious circles and did earn some followers to my blog.

Valentines’s Day Gifts & Taxes Made Easier

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, here is a list of merchants who have special deals going on from which you can find easy to pick and choose for your beloved. Without wasting much time of yours, I would like to just direct you to the right place for your right gift. Have a wonderful day and hope you please your love with the gift to die for.

Top 10 Hottest Gift List

November and December are the biggest online shopping months of the year, and CyberMonday is less than 2 weeks away. Below are the top 10 hottest selling mobile phone devices, tablets and accessories for the week ending Nov 11 2011.

Get Paid For your Blog Content using VigLink (A Review)

VigLink is an easy to use affiliate program where you register your website and include a small piece of code in one of your pages and you are all set. The program will auto-convert many of those keywords you have used in each and every post of yours into an affiliate link.

A Tablet for your Kid – All New LeapPad

One look at the product and my wife decided it would be the next thing we will buy to our daughter, and I completely agree with this. The LeapPad was recently released by LeapFrog and is the new personalized learning tablet just for kids!

MixBook – A Review

Mixbook is the hottest place to create and share customizable photo books, cards, and calendars, all online—with no download required. Mixbook’s intuitive online software allows you to quickly and easily create professional looking masterpieces and fully personalize them with thousands of free creative elements.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Gamers at < $50.00

With ThanksGiving around the corner and Christmas fast approaching, you should be wondering what to buy and where to buy for those near and dear ones. Here I would like to list out the top 10 gifts you could choose from for kids and adults of all ages interested in games and accessories.

Great Deals for Dad on Amazon This Week

It is that time of the year, when you remember what a good dad he has been and would like to present him with the best gift ever. To help you with that, Amazon has great deals running throughout this week and you can grab that something special with a click of the button. Amazon is running what is known as Lightening deals to celebrate Fathers Day and these are run only on selected hours of the day. So don’t forget to keep your eyes open and checkout the