Bizarre Foods From Around The World

People in general can appreciate good food, trying new foods and learning how to make different dishes but some of the things you can come across around the world are just unbelievable. I guess they say that about places they visit to huh?

Let us start with St Louis, Missouri where they have the fried calves’ brain. Out of all the foods studied around the world this by far takes the cake. But then again who knows — let us dig a little bit further. There is the black bean cheese that looked like flaked tar. Just looking at it makes you thirst for water.

Here in the U.S. cows are known for the delicious steaks we love to eat or the milk we love to drink but in some countries they enjoy the cow lungs—sticking with the steaks on this end!

Creepy crawlers give most people the heebie-jeebies and there are some that run hysterically because they are afraid to kill them. Might even go as far as jumping out of a moving car if they saw one but in Raleigh, N.C. there were cans of water bugs being sold in the stores as if you were buying tuna. Wonder are the dead or alive! What a surprise when you open the can.

Let us take a peep at Hong Kong — dried lizards to season their soup. Nothing more can be said on this one!

Been to Canada lately? Niagara Falls is the place to be but be careful what you order especially if they are round and of different sizes — you just might be eating buffalo testicles. Wonder what flavors they come in?

The average breakfast ordered here in the U S when you go out to eat or even at home -one might have bacon, eggs, toast and grits. Well over in the Philippines you just might have some duck on your plate. They cook fertilized chicken or duck eggs. Can you imagine having your eggs looking at you as you prepare to eat them? Can’t do it! Can’t do it!

As humans we are all different and have desires for different things but this by far takes the cake — fried flowers! Forget giving them to the girl of your dreams in a vase — just sit her down and fry her up a few!


Author Bio:

Chad Hartman is the Marketing Director at, a US-based food supplier providing wholesale nuts, dried fruit, raw ingredients, and snack mixes for restaurants, institutional food service companies, and resellers. Mr. Hartman is also responsible for creating new product lines. His most recent additions include Grabeez and Buffalo Nuts.

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