Best Workout Recovery Methods

Best Workout Recovery Methods

You know, building muscle mass is not just about pumping iron – certain things, like down time and recovery time are just as important to your success. This basically means that in order to get the perfect results from your workout sessions, you need to focus on things you do outside of gym as well. In this article I will be focusing on some of the Best Workout Recovery Methods for all you fitness freaks!!!

Best Workout Recovery Methods

The opportunity for growth starts the very moment you put down the weights and stop training. And the matter of the fact is your muscle growth simply won’t occur without a proper recovery procedure.

Now, whether you have professional aspirations or you’re just a gym enthusiast, you have to realize that recovery is an essential of a healthy lifestyle. So instead of dealing with soreness and fatigue all the time, you should try some of these recovery methods.

·        Eat Protein in the Morning and Before Bed

Unless you’re a serious night bird, chances are, you are not loading your body with nutrients during the night. So in order to help your body repair your muscles during the night and prepare them for your next session, you should have a light protein snack before bed every night.

In addition, your body also needs some nutrients to recharge after a long night, so it would be wise to have high-protein breakfast also. Now, if you don’t know your way around the kitchen that much, don’t be afraid to use a meal delivery service. They can deliver fresh groceries and recipes to your front door every week.

·        Start Getting More Sleep Every Night

Getting anywhere between six and eight hours of sleep each night is very important for everything from our memory to our cognitive functions – we all know that. But is there a connection between exercising and sleeping? Well, the experts still don’t have any clear findings on the matter.

Best Workout Recovery Methods

However, numerous studies over the years have revealed that sleep denervation can have a huge effect on recovery and performance. Your body undergoes a protein synthesis during sleep, which increases your endurance and makes your muscles stronger for the work out next day. So getting enough sleep is definitely getting a mention in my Best Workout Recovery Methods article.

·        Limit Alcohol and Increase Water Intake

You probably know some people who enjoy a beer or two after the gym. And why not – this presents a great opportunity for you and your gym buddies to catch up and have a nice conversation over a couple of drinks. But be careful, because only two post-workout drinks are enough to reduce your body’s ability to completely recover.

On the other hand, did you know that better recovery is just a couple of glasses away? Dehydration can cause much damage to your muscles and of course, reduce your recovery abilities. But before you reach for your next Gatorade, keep in mind that water is much better for hydration, seeing how it doesn’t contain any sugars or additives.

·        Listen to Music during Your Workouts

Last, we have something more unconventional. While we all know that just a few notes of your favorite song could increase your power in a second and help you power through the rest of your workout (it’s no wonder why earbuds are so popular among runners). But it turns out that music also has certain “healing powers.”

Best Workout Recovery Methods

Recent discoveries have suggested that listening to slow and mid-tempo songs can help you in exercise recovery. As a matter of fact, slow tunes can help you reduce your blood pressure and even lower your pulse rate right after a though workout.

Final Thoughts

And there you go, those are just a couple of recovery techniques you need to try, if you want your fulfill your fitness goals. Whether you want to become faster, stronger or simply tweak your physique you need to introduce some of these methods into your overall fitness regime.

So how do you like our Best Workout Recovery methods? Did we miss something crucial? Do you have any secret recovery methods you’d want to share with the rest of us? If you do, make sure to describe them in detail by leaving a comment in the section bellow.

By Monica Nichols

Monica Nichols is one of the most promising writers at and apart from writing her main passion in life is designing clothes. In her free time, she likes listening to jazz and spending time with her boyfriend in their hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.


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    1. I can’t find the time to workout during the day, so I gotta do it from 11pm till 01am, quick shower and then sleep like a baby. I realize I was getting old when I started using weekend to sleep for more than 6 hours 🙂

      1. That is incredible, Monica. That is some extreme dedication to workout that late… I know I would be a zombie walking around. Props to you for making/taking time to workout regardless of your busy schedule!

        Few notes on your article, if I may :):
        – Sleep is so important! The amount of time will vary from person to person. I know for me, 7 1/2 hours is about optimal. Find your sweet spot. Also, if you find yourself tired most of the day, consider changing up your diet, it might not be related to lack of sleep.
        – I love to eat a snack that is high in protein and slow digesting before bed (like cottage cheese).
        – I always consume a meal after working out (high in protein with a simple carb).

        To your health,
        Kevin Oliver recently posted…2x Vapor X5 Next Gen (30 Servings) by MuscleTechMy Profile

    1. “I don’t like them” is an understatement 🙂 Hate them, but they do wonders for the body and egg whites are one of the best protein source you can find. No skipping eggs 🙂

    1. Glad you liked it Aimee. Spread the message 🙂 Like I said above, lot of people don’t know these basic stuff. They go on massages, cryotherapy, taking ice baths.. but they sleep for 5 hours only, don’t eat enough protein or do any of the basics. And they are much more effective and certainly less expensive 🙂

      1. Replace the therapy with other therapies? Can I deduct my medication then?
        The hours in the cold chamber can complement medical therapies, not replace. They may in no circumstances reduce your medication without first consulting the doctor. Discuss any change in your treatments with your doctor. So joint mobility can be improved in some individuals after the cryotherapy if you then reduce medication or increase the load, you should decide together with your therapist.

  1. I was finding it hard to take in enough water each day. The problem was that I was drinking pints of it and kept needing to go to the toilet all the time. What I do now is sip small amounts more often. It seems to keep me hydrated more and causes less going to the toilet.

    1. I bought a water jug. 0.5 gallon ( 2 liters ). Usually I workout at night, around 10pm. So I drink that whole jug during the day, and another one during and after the workout. So I get 1 gallon per day like that. The main thing is to aaaaalways have water by your side!

  2. Good tips, but what works for me really well is stretching before and after the workouts and even on days when I don’t train. Stretching is not only beneficial for recovery but also helps to avoid injuries and develops the strength of the muscles. People usually forget it, but it is a must.

    1. I even put the picture of a guy stretching at the very beginning :))
      I agree of course. Even if it didn’t help with recovery I would still do it after, it just feels so good after a workout!

  3. Great write up on working out and recovery. Very Informative! Will definitely use some of these tips.
    There is awesome brand called Bucaleany that makes dryfit material workout shirts, along with tshirts and hats. I discovered them one day in Harlem, N.Y. you should check them out there site is Have great day and keep up the great work! Looking forward to the next post!

  4. Good tips here, but some of these are more difficult than others. I know how important sleep is, but I feel like me two small children, the dog, my wife and my boss don’t appreciate the fact that I need sleep to recover. Getting enough sleep at night is probably the most challenging obstacle for me, so I have to make it a point to go to bed a few hours before I actually need to be asleep. I also have a nice comfortable recliner right by my bed that allows me to do some reading to unwind after a brutal day of life. There’s nothing worse than not reaping the full benefits of a solid workout because you aren’t giving yourself the proper recovery time.

    1. Thanks Bailey for an informative comment on this article.
      Yes, sleep and rest is a must after a good workout. Reading and listening to music will also add to relieving you from the strain. Try to get a good 7 hr sleep during the night and try a power-nap during the day.
      Praveen Rajarao recently posted…Tech Tips For Smooth TravelsMy Profile

  5. Hi Monica you wrote “getting more sleep” is my favorite one. Nice informative, real solution making article. I’m charged. I’m bit lazy. Let’s see how can I improve! I’m inspired now. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for this amazing piece…it makes alot of sense when i wonder why am always sore and tired it might as a result of sleep deprivation so i should sleep in more and do my 6-8 hours instead of sometimes 5 hours. On water intake i should add more i do 1 litre…Keep up the good work!

  7. Generally I do not read Crossfit and Fitness article on blogs, however, I would like to say that this write-up very informative and forced me to try and do it! I love the knowledge you present here and I do think that you should write more about this topic, Everything is very open with a clear description of the issues. Your post is very helpful.. Thanks for sharing! Anyhow, superb site! To the next! Best wishes!!

  8. Dear Monica Nichols I really liked these tips. this is a very informative blog I must say. awesome truly awesome. will see more of your posts about workout tips

  9. A small amount of alcohol can help you fall asleep more easy. A higher amount on the other hand may send you faster to sleep, but you will have a short duration of sleep. Everything in moderation!

  10. Great article. Only if you could tell some tips and tricks for getting sleep at night. I try really hard every night to sleep early but always end up sleeping at 3 or 4 am. Thus, end up getting late for office.

  11. Yes it’s very importance to recovery yourself after workout. I always try to sit some time after workout become sweating. I think sweating is very importance when perform exercise. Thanks for sharing nice post.

  12. Thanks for this blog post, ya I truly agree recovery is very important for a muscle growth, many of the methods are easy to apply on our daily routine & I will surely put into practice now, keep the good work!

  13. Hi Dear,

    Great post indeed!

    I read somewhere that Whey protein is best for building muscles. Can you please tell me which protein shake is best for this purpose.

    and one thing more I want to lose my belly and nothing else. please guide me which exercise is best for me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Muhammad Irfan
    Muhammad Irfan recently posted…Good Morning MessagesMy Profile

  14. I think the most important thing you mentioned is to limit alcohol intake and drink more water. I used to drink and was pretty fat. I decided I didn’t want to live like that anymore, so I cut out alcohol completely for almost a year and dropped 67lbs. Of course I workout 3 times a week and 1 ab class, but I look great now and am so much healthier. The point is that I always felt like crap and was very unmotivated so I didn’t need to recover because I wasn’t doing Anything. Thanks for the great article!
    Daniel Kase recently posted…Geek Gift Ideas Under $10 BucksMy Profile

  15. Thanks for this great advice. The only extra I would add is for anyone who struggles to get 6-8 hours of sleep a night, to aid their recovery. Soaking in a hot tub before going to bed really helps bring on some great, deep sleep. That’s because your body temperature naturally dips at night, starting two hours before sleep. Scientific research has found that if you get in a hot tub a couple of hours before bedtime, the water raises your temperature a couple of degrees. The steeper drop at bedtime is then more likely to put you in a deep sleep. So not only do you get a relaxing body massage in your hot tub, it helps you sleep better – all aiding better recovery.

  16. Hi, these are great tips. I just want to say that drink plenty of liquids because they help you recover faster. Drink milkshake after each exercise as that gives you power.
    I used to drink banana shake after each exercise to recover faster

  17. Thank you, Monica, I certainly believe that music has healing powers. Many health practitioners suggest their patients listen to music for recovery, and especially a person with mental health disorder.

  18. Thank you for sharing with us your experience, (Best Workout Recovery Methods) I started your tips and With Meal Replacement Shakes use one year in my life that is an amazing change in there is my body.
    try it

  19. Superb article. I used to work out a lot, but lost the motivation along the way. Your article has helped me realize the many mistakes I did. I will be compiling a high energy playlist to listen to as I exercise. And I will definitely sleep more as you recommend.

  20. Hi admin ,Normally, I like yoga, but I always go to bed late every day, it gets my kilogram unconscious, and now I start with your instructions. thanks you for sharing

  21. We promote a healthy lifestyle using proper clothing for workouts. One of the recovery methods could be using compression leggings during the training. That will increase the bloodstream in the muscle and increase the oxygenation in the area.

  22. Really helpful article, I do tend to have a glass of milk before bed so that’s a good protein source overnight! Gotta make sure to get to bed early enough for that sleep though ha.

  23. Ohhh …. 🙂
    Healthy Article 😉
    Health is Wealth …!!
    One of the most important elements of performance and exercise is rest, and it’s also one of the hardest things to do! Now a days people love to do exercise but not aware about pre and post care of health.
    Keep sharing ..!!!

  24. Hi Praveen, you are absolutely correct. We oftentimes focus on working out without realising the importance of keeping our minds relaxed. Being healthy means we should be in good physical, emotional and spiritual shape. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Thanks for the quick tips. We are currently working on our daily water consumption goals. For those of you who do not drink a lot of water on a daily basis, TRY IT OUT! Seriously it has been a game changer as far as workout recover, energy levels, better sleep and overall better well being.

  26. Sleep! I find this the most important among the list. Not only does the body regenerate during sleep but it also conditions the body for activity. All else follows. And by the way, great tips with music, it helps you enjoy work-out and it also relaxes the mood. Thanks for sharing!
    Lily Kate Myers recently posted…Portable Standing DeskMy Profile

  27. Great info and some really useful tips. Shall put them into action straight away. I have only been working out now for 6+ months but so far so good. Also been trying the Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts which to be honest are too hard!

  28. We love doing office workouts here at Polka Dot Design. These are some great tips for our ladies, for sure. No matter what we think, we never do drink enough water, so always being reminded of that is recommended. Thank you!

  29. I can’t find the time to workout during the day, so I gotta do it from 11pm till 01am, quick shower and then sleep like a baby. I realize I was getting old when I started using weekend to sleep for more than 6 hours 🙂

  30. Hi Praveen, you are absolutely correct. We oftentimes focus on working out without realising the importance of keeping our minds relaxed. Being healthy means we should be in good physical, emotional and spiritual shape. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Each time you exercise, your muscles are trained with resistance, which helps them to grow strong and stable, allowing everyday movements and activities to be performed with less effort and for longer periods. As your body continues to grow stronger, more balanced and better coordinated through regular physical exercise, you will be able to move around with less stress on your joints and ligaments.

  32. One of the most Important Points even the Health Experts discuss is “Eat Protein in the Morning and Before Bed” and I can personally vouch for this. This works not immediately but yes after a certain period of time It gives your results least expected.

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