Best 10 Foolproof Tricks for NOT Embarrassing Yourself in a Foreign Language

Public speaking is one of the greatest fears that the human race faces. This effect is further enhanced by the idea of speaking in a foreign language. A large number of people experience a fear of having an unusual pronunciation or mistakenly saying something which they actually do not mean. If you have visited any foreign countries, you must have made some awkward mistakes in a foreign language as it is almost unavoidable to make language, grammatical, or pronunciation errors in a foreign country. 

You can easily enjoy your trip without exerting yourself with foreign language translations by using the following tips.
Inform Others in Advance
You should motivate yourself to tell others in advance that you are going to communicate in a second language. It will enable others not only to give appropriate signals according to your conversation, but also to assist you in case you make some language mistakes.

Good etiquette significantly serve as a universal language all over the world. Before your foreign trip, you should extensively work on your basic manners such as greetings, or saying thank you and welcome. It does not only show that you are polite and well-mannered, but also enables people to treat you courteously. You can even do a little research work to know more about the concerned country’s expectations for etiquette and manners.
Befriend Others

You should adopt a positive and friendly attitude towards others. You can join clubs, introduce yourself to the people around you, and try to make more friends. Your warm and pleasant behavior will bring more people closer to you that will give you a chance to practice your language skills. 
Use Media Sources

You can listen to local music to get a hold of the basics of foreignlanguage. You can learn a great deal of foreign words by watching local movies and TV shows. They will offer you some great openings to familiarize yourself with native speakers and their pronunciation.

Important Phrases

Before taking a trip to any foreign country, you should learn some basic phrases in the foreign language. For instance, you will find the questions like ‘where is the restroom’, ‘what is its cost’, and ‘do you speak English’ almost unavoidable to ask. You should pay severe attention to learning such basic phrases as they let you communicate about essential things. If you are forgetful, you can write down these phrases on a small note pad and keep it with you.

When you travel abroad, you should pay careful attention to different and unique tones. If you get used to these tones and are able to imitate them, you are likely to get more attention by the local speakers.
Utilize Technology

Technological development can significantly help you getting used to an entirely different language. There are various language applications that can be installed inyour mobile phone. These applications have the functionality to provide you immediate translation in the language that you prefer.
Wrong pronunciation of foreign words is one of the most common mistakes made by people. It is always more sensible to listen closely to the words for correct pronunciation before blurting them out. Your pronunciation enables you to communicate your message to the local speakers in a better and more efficient way. You can easily get online dictionaries with the utilities of audio pronunciation to get a better sense of the local accent.
Request for Correction
A large number of cultures find it extremely impolite to correct someone’s language. You are likely to keep making the same errors unless you directly ask someone for language help. It will not only portray you as an eager learner, but will also prevent others from mocking you for language mistakes.
Be Brave

You are likely to make mistakes in using appropriate foreign words since the language is not your native one. You should come up with enough bravery and guts to overcome your embarrassment of speaking in a foreign language. 
The key point to remember in order to avoid embarrassment in speaking a foreign language is to learn from your mistakes. Asking for help is never a bad idea. Stay motivated and you will eventually become a fluent speaker of any foreign language.
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Rosette likes to travel all over the world. She writes articles about her visits to different countries in which she also emphasizes the language problems that most people come across. She feels that To book your stag do abroad try Eclipse Leisure always.
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  1. I lived in France for a summer and studied the language. I don’t have a natural affinity for language, so it comes very hard to me. Still, I enjoy learning and the longer I was there, the better I became.

    Your first point is a great one, and I always told people “mon prononciation est horrible”. Of course, I really didn’t need to say it, because they could hear how bad I was, but it let them know I was trying. That is what’s important.

    The one thing I remember more than anything, was how exhausting it was to speak another language for the first month. It was easier after that, but really gave me an appreciate for how difficult languages can be to learn and use.
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