The Awesome Tree House by Neha Praveen


I had introduced my 9 year old daughter, Neha, who is contributing her “short stories” to my blog in this article – Should Kids Blog

Now Neha is back with her 2nd story, though not a long one, but I am seeing a definite improvement in her imagination and writing skills. I hope you all like it. 

The Awesome Tree House – By Neha Praveen

Awesome Treehouse


“Yawn”. Emma ,Molly, Isabella and Ava just woke up on a bright sunny day. They’ve always dreamed of having a tree house so they kept begging their mom if they could get one. Mom finally said “Fine”.

 All the girls were very happy, but  when they got there tree house they hated it because it had spider webs everywhere. They thought it would have 4 bedrooms for each kid, a bowling alley and other cool stuff.


The kids asked their mom if they could go to engineering class and she said “Yes of course”. So the next day Ava, Emma ,Isabella and Molly went to their class. When they came back they had a bunch of ideas to build in their tree house. So they got their hammers and SMASH,BAM,THUNK!

 It was so loud. Mom was thinking “What is going on out there”? So she called out “Girls what happened”? “Just building mom “Ava yelled back. While the girls were building Molly said “I’m going to take a rest”. “Ok” said all the other girls.   


Meanwhile Ava asked “How long will it take to build this thing?”. Molly agreed. Emma told both of them that if we work together we can do it. So they kept on building.

3 hours later – “Finally”, said Molly. “We finally finished the 4 bedrooms”.

final treehouse

“YAY!!!!!” cheered all the girls. Now we can start the bowling alley!”. “Okay let’s get started” said Isabella. All the girls started to build again. I don’t know how long it’s going to take for them to build something even bigger and harder. 2 hours later-“Molly can you get the bowling pins from the store please?” asked Emma. “Sure” answered Molly. So out Molly went, but in the distance Molly could hear something. It sounded like someone or something was crying. Molly ran to where the sound was coming from. As she got closer the sound got louder and louder.

Finally Molly got to know what it was. It was her mom crying because a cat scratched her on her leg. So Molly gave her mom a band-aid and got the bowling pins from the store. As she was heading back to the tree house she was exhausted because she was walking all over the place. When she reached Isabella asked her “What took you so long”? “Its a long story”said Molly. “OK then lets get to work said Emma. “Ugh” Molly sighed quietly. So they started again building their bowling alley.

5 hours later: “Yippee, we finally finished our tree-house!!!!”. “You did??” mom shouted while she was running over to the kids. “Yeah” said Emma. “Lets celebrate!!” mom shouted out. So they all danced and ate cake. After the party the girls always hung out a lot in their tree-house and laughed all the time. They were having so much fun.

The End

Thanks for reading my 2nd story on this blog. I had to write this story for a class assignment and you can see that I drew some pictures too. I hope you liked it. Tell me what you liked and what you like me to write about. Bye. 

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I am Neha Praveen and I am 9 years old. My dad introduced me to writing blogs and I have started writing short stories on my dad's blog - I want to express my thoughts as stories and write them so the entire world can read and share.

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  1. Hey, Praveen Neha,
    Good to see Naha’s tree house, Amazing idea indeed,
    Well created pics with wonderful writing, Keep writing.
    Wish you all the best.
    Keep us informed.
    Philip Uncle
    PS: Hey @Praveen, why don’t you post a picture of our little upcoming blogger and artist along with this post.
    Good Wishes to both of you
    Have a wonderful week ahead
    ~ Philip
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