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Apps to achieve your fitness resolutions for year 2013

Like every year you must have made a long list of things you would be buying and goals that need to be achieved in next year. Not only do we make a list of things-to-do, but also devise ways to accomplish our goals and fulfill our new year’s resolutions. This year, make your new year plans a little different by installing certain apps into your smartphone, which would help you to achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

We know the most common form of resolutions is related to your health and diet. Most of us will be trying to come back into shape in 2013. For this purpose our plan will include gym registration, buying proper trainers for running, taking healthy diet and the most important, the calorie check. However, in this age of smartphone dependency, we can make our lives bit easier by adding apps and reminders in your mobile phones which would help us to remain focused and motivated to achieve our goals. Following are few helpful apps:

5K Runner


Every year, an estimated 87% Americans make resolutions related to improving health and managing finances in a better way. If you are among this large number of people who are vying to improve their health then 5K Runner is the app for you. This app helps you to gradually get into a strict and rigorous fitness routine, instead of taking a plunge right from the beginning. It guides you to take one step forward everyday with your exercise and diet, so that it becomes part of your routine and eventually your habit. By following the running routine of this app, you can become an athletic runner from a couch potato in few months’ time. This app is available to iPhone users. For users who have got their iPhones jailbroken, it is strongly suggested they install anti-virus against the threat of iPhone spyware and other malicious malware.

Nike+Running and RunKeeper


Both of these apps are high on list of tech analysts. These apps are recommended for health conscious, professional runners, trek trainers and other fitness crazies. With the help of these apps users are able to keep track of the distance covered in a particular time and could keep a record of their training. The accuracy of speed, distance and location is possible due to the GPS which the apps use. Runners can also keep track of the calories burnt with the distance covered in a particular time. Nike+Running and RunKeeper are available both for Android and Apple users. Also, it is strongly suggested that Android users install an anti-virus before downloading any new app to protect their device from Android spy software.



Besides rigorous exercise and running, people need to keep a strict check on their diet to achieve required results.  Fooducate is the app that helps health conscious people to keep a check on their diet by buying smart and healthy food. Through this app, you can scan the barcodes of products and get details about the nutritious facts of the product. The database of this app contains information for over 200,000 food items, displaying the contents, quantity and calories each product contains. This way you make smart decisions about your purchases, curtailing any temptation to buy unhealthy products. This app is available for Android and iOS users.



Most of us – in effort to achieve our goals – become quite competitive and set stringent targets to accomplish at any cost. If you have the competitive streak in you, then this is the app for your smartphone. DietBet offers the users a four-week challenge to lose 4 percent of their weight. The motivation for weight loss comes from money the winner will achieve by the end of 4 weeks. This money will be arranged from the deposit each member makes by the end of each week, which is a proof of his/her weight lost. If there is more than one winner, then the amount will be divided among them. This app is available for iPhone users only.

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6 Responses to " Apps to achieve your fitness resolutions for year 2013 "

  1. Hi!! I using his post gym to practice for a fighting assessment battle he wants to get planned for the end of Feb..

  2. Afsal says:

    Nice list of apps. I have tried the Nike+Running and RunKeeper app and its a good one also. I will have a look at other apps you mentioned. Thanks for the list.
    Afsal recently posted…Top 6 Antivirus Apps for Your AndroidMy Profile

  3. Yes I did start with my list and goals for this year and its crazy, as its already the middle of the year but Im proud to have atleast half of my goals achieved and the rest are still in process!
    Allison Ingram recently posted…Effective Options for Couch CleaningMy Profile

  4. These Apps are fantastic ! Everyone nowadays has their phone with them 24/7 ! The use of these apps as reminders is so cool and a great success !!

  5. Njuguna says:

    The other day i read a blog post of a lady who said she had read somewherye that a company had developed an app that detects cancer in the body. I found that hard to believe if not outright ridiculous.
    Njuguna recently posted…Nimbuzz App for PC DownloadMy Profile

  6. Patrick says:

    Quite great this apps for fitness! Already I am using this and that’s why I Suggest to others for using this especially those who are looking fitness resolutions and hope that this will give tremendous benefit to you:)

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