All About File Deletion and Recovery

If any of your file is deleted accidentally or unfortunately operating system crashes and in that case you have lost some very important data; then do not be worried anymore. There is a myth that if you delete any file or folder containing files is deleted then it goes to recycle bin automatically and when recycle bin gets deleted, all files permanently deleted.

What happens when someone delete any file?

Each and every file has own and unique path by which it can be opened or accessed. When the file is deleted it never ever goes to the recycle bin, but still be there at the same space in the hard disk. The name and path of the file use to be erased. It gets stored in recycle bin. In the file INFO2, it gets new address and a new name, which is the hidden and index file in the recycle bin folder. Thus whenever we restore the file, it automatically gets its real address and name from recycle bin folder and goes to the same place where it was earlier.



When we empty the recycle bin without restoring the deleted file, instead of having the file in our hard disk, it loses the real address and name and that is the reason why such a file cannot be opened. After deleting the files from recycle bin also, you do not have any option to get it back instead of the resolution what I am going to tell you in trail.

How to Recover the Deleted Files now?


As per now, you must have come to know that the file is still in your hard disk unless it will be over written but you cannot reuse it until or unless you get the real file name and path recovered.

There are more than 100 files recovery software(s) using which we can get the deleted files back to use them again. As we must know that the precaution is always better that prevention, all you have to be sure before, about some point given below carefully; you go to start using the software in order to recover those removed files.

When we use any files like games or any tool, it needs to create some temporary files accordingly. Now these files need to be saved somewhere in our hard disk. That is why the temp. files use to store in the hard disk drive.

Once we do any changes in our computer system, these impermanent files get saved in the same place where the deleted files were earlier. In case that temporary file overwrites the deleted one, the chance to recover those deleted files will be like big zero. Therefore you should not take any risk and stop doing all the changes in our computer system at once.

How to Permanently Delete the Files?

After coming to know all the facts you might be feeling that if there is any way to delete any file once for all? Yes it is. And why it cannot be when the technology makes the things easy to recover the deleted files form recycle bin even then it makes us capable to delete them permanently too. The technique is called as File Shredding.

ย What is a file shredder and how does it work to delete any file from our hard disk permanently?

As the name indicates, File shredder destroys completely the file we want to remove from hard disk. After the deletion of any file, using this file shredder tool, you can never ever get again it back for any use.

Author Bio: Zainil Dedhia, along with Atish Ranjan has founded various blogs, the 1st one being Tech Tricks World. Recently, he has posted an article where he has mentioned Free File Recovery Tools. Do check this article to check the free tools to recover your deleted data!

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  1. Hi Zainil,

    Yeah, the myth is true and that’s what we all see, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ Seeing is believing there. So yeah, ow that’s ignorance ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well, I haven’t make use of Recovery software for myself, may be I’m so sure what to be deleted. Anyway I’ve been using for friends as they got some files mistakenly deleted with the press of “SHIFT” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m glad that you pointed out one thing that mostly my friends not aware and I hope many others too – Not stopping work on hard disk after important file get deleted. Sometimes when I reach there and use the tool, the clusters were overwritten.

    Glad if you mentioned some data recovery softwares and some terminologies in the post too mate. Anyway nice and easy to understand ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mayura recently posted…How to Add Pinterest Widgets on Your WebsiteMy Profile

  2. Hello Mayura,

    At first, thanks for stopping & commenting on the post! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Even many of my friends & neighbours have been the victim of this myth! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Between I wanted to mention few recovery tools in the post, but if I had mentioned that, the post would have become very very lengthy. Hence I dint mention them in the post. But in my author’s bio, I have given the link of few “free file recovery tools” do check them.

    But 1 thing, if the deleted file gets overwritten, then it becomes very difficult to recover it. I am not sure if you could file any tool which could recover the overwritten file!
    Zainil Dedhia recently posted…Feel Blessed To Have Samsung Galaxy GrandMy Profile

  3. This is a great looking post. Impressive one. I am not a tech geek but the post is so good that I have learned about file deletion and recover very in a easy manner.

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