3 Things that Might Prevent Your Blog from Succeeding

DailyMorningCoffee welcomes John Smith as a Guest Author on this blog.

Over 90% of new bloggers fail in their first year of starting, and the very few who are left go through quite a struggle to establish their blog. Based on this, a lot of people believe building a successful blog isn’t easy, whereas it is all about having the right strategy. When I first started my nutrisystem and medifast diet blog I went through quite a struggle myself, and the journey wasn’t in anyway easy as I expected. When people talk about making money from blogging they say it as if blogging is one sure-fire way to make money while sleeping, without realizing the fact that, sometimes, building a successful blog is more difficult than working a day job. If you are really worried about your blog and want it to succeed, there are quite some things that might prevent its success, and based on my experience with building my medifast and nutrisystem blog, I will be sharing with you the top 3 things I think might prevent your blog from becoming a success.

Neglect for Readers

The most difficult thing you can do as a blogger is to gain your readers’ trust. A lot of bloggers think the most difficult thing to do is to get traffic to a blog, and as a result market their blog to a stage where it gets a lot of traffic and still end up wondering about why they can’t make money from it. The reality is that, more than anything, the trust of your readers is very important to your success as a blogger. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t ever neglect your readers. Make sure you improve your blog based on their feedback, make sure you respond to their comments and emails and make sure you do everything to gain their trust. The more your readers trust you, the easier it is for you to succeed as a blogger.

Not Marketing Your Blog

Don’t ever think that having great content and design is enough to sustain your blog, or else you will be putting yourself in great peril. The most important task you can undertake as a blogger is that of marketing your blog. The reality is that a lot of successful bloggers are great writers, but they are marketers first then writers. Marketing your blog and content is your ultimate assignment as a blogger, and you need to work hard on doing that both within and outside your blog.

Not Having a Backup Plan

The final thing that might prevent your blog from being a success is not having a backup plan. It is very important for you to have plans to protect your blog. Make sure you look for ways to ensure your server is always ready to capture the traffic your blog might get, make sure you plan your blog in such a way that it will endure hacking attempts and make sure you do everything within your power not to put the future of your blog at stake. It can be really disappointing to see all that great work of yours go down the drain as a result of one mistake, so make sure you always have a backup plan.

Author Bio: John believes the key to blogging success is being careful, and as a result gives regular tips to help other bloggers succeed. He also gives people special discounts and coupons for products like Medifast and Nutrisystem on his blog and he provides nutrisystem coupons and medifast discount.

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