Best wired earbuds for runners under $50

If you are a frequent runner and also enjoy listening to your “run playlist” while on the go, you might have had a challenge with your earphones.


Top 10 Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100

I would recommend that you choose from the best wireless noise cancelling headphones for the most amazing experience one would like to have. Listening to music and “experiencing” the music are entirely different


Grammarly Review – A Blogger’s Perfect Tool

This is an online tool which helps you to check your spelling, your grammar and also detect any plagiarisms, how cool is that? They offer a money-back guarantee if you do not like the tool (which I seriously doubt), so go ahead and give it a try.


How To Get Traffic From Instagram For Your Blog

Just today, I read an article on how to get traffic from Instagram for a blog and I was quite astonished at how effective it can be.

I have always know Instagram for sharing pictures and videos, and I do have a personal Instagram profile where I share my pics and family events.


How To Sell Girl Scout Cookies

Recently I came across an interesting video on How To Girl Scout Cookies and was amazed seeing how soon this video became viral and ended up with huge sales. Coming to think of it, marketing techniques are implemented by every company, but how this young girl has showcased her “cookies” is beyond comparison.

The Awesome Tree House by Neha Praveen

I had introduced my 9 year old daughter, Neha, who is contributing her “short stories” to my blog in this article – Should Kids Blog.
Now Neha is back with her 2nd story, though not a long one, but I am seeing a definite improvement in her imagination and writing skills. I hope you all like it.


An Insider’s Look at Google Chrome for the iPhone and iPad

Google Chrome is a wildly popular browser for both Mac and PC computers. (Google claims it is the most popular browser in the world). However, it has only recently become available on the iPad and iPhone.

How I’ve earned more than $100 with mPlus App

Who doesn’t like getting free money??

Do you want to know how I’ve earned more than $100 with mPlus App? For the past few months I am using the mPLUS app as a rewards member. One of my friends referred me to it and I decided why not try it out…it promises free money, and I love to get things for free!!!

My 9 Year Old Daughter Wants to Blog!!!

Does anyone have any opinion on this? Is there any age limit for kids to start their own blog? What challenges do parents face by allowing their kids to have their own space?

Back to blogging

Back to Blogging!!!

It actually feels nice to be back blogging again!!! It has been quite some time since I stopped writing. Although I kept my website up and running, somehow I forgot to renew my other website (techivy) and someone grabbed it while available 🙁