STOP investing for Applause and START investing for Returns

Recently, while waiting at the airport lounge, I had an opportunity to converse with a young man who had an attractive engineering degree from a no.1 institution in India, and masters done from a top notch business school abroad. While industry experts talk high about the exciting opportunities in the job market, this young man had no job.

Meeting with Dr. Abdul Kalam

For those who are unaware of this legend of a man, he was the 11th President of India, elected in 2002, and is now serving as a visiting professor at Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad & Indore), a professor of Aerospace Engineering at Anna University in Chennai, Chancellor of Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology, and also a professor at the JSS University in Mysore.

Website Creation and Things to Consider When Designing Website

Considering the present business arena, it is very imperative to develop a lucrative marketing strategy to grab the attention of customers worldwide and add to the growth of business. In this technical era, millions of people use internet on daily basis and this further contributes to the effectiveness of web-based environment.

How to Do a Cross Country Move

Moving across the country to a new city is an exciting endeavor. Of course, if you’ve accumulated a lot of possessions over the years, moving can also be a huge headache. Fear not! It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the prospect of shipping everything you own, but if you have a great strategy in place, you can reduce your stress levels considerably.

12 Things to expect in a Financial Planning Report

What you are expecting in a financial planning report and what your financial planner offers in his report should match. If it is not matching, then it may lead to frustration. To have a long lasting relationship with your financial planner, what you expect from the financial planning report is more important.

Will the Prom Maintain its Cultural Importance?

Every high school kid dreams about going to prom. Well, at least most kids do. The end-of-the-year dance occasion is a time for students to spend time with each other one last time before they all go their separate ways. The teens typically reminisce with friends about their experiences over the past four years, enjoy romantic dinners with their dates, and take shots at true romance with their crushes.

Google Glass: will it really be worth the money?

If you’re a techie geek and love new gadgets or indeed you’re a trendsetter of the digital age, Google Glass will never cost too much money. According to reports they will be priced at around £1,000; not much more than a pair of designer specs. However, if the hype is to be believed and they deliver on promise, in retrospect the price tag will be considered by future tech historians as negligible.

Online Schooling is Ideal for Working Professionals

With the advent of online schools, you most certainly can. Online schools and universities offer working professionals variety, flexibility, and easy access to the classroom. This is a learning environment that is specifically designed to meet the needs of a busy working professional.

6 Things to Do on Your Day Off

So you got a day off. Good for you! What are you going to do with your time? Waste in in front of the television? Surf the internet for hours? Catch up on your beauty sleep? Or do you want to do something more? Here are a few ideas of what you could do on your next day off:

Foods Which Naturally Improve Skin Health

If you have a medicine cabinet or vanity drawer brimming with skin care serums and creams that did not quite deliver the boasted results, turn to the refrigerator or pantry instead. There are a number of natural foods that not only provide health benefits on the inside, but also perform double duty to provide clear, radiant skin on the outside.

Develop a Link Building Strategy for Large Sites

The link building option is one of the best ways to make your site visible over the search engines for both the big and small sites. You can even rank some of the inner pages of your website using the link building strategies. This strategy could be called as the basic source of web traffic and information building block for both the search engines and users.

5 Mother’s Day Gifts Mom would Actually Use

Technology gifts for Mother’s Day can be a double edged sword. They are trendy and fun to give, but they can lead to hours (or months) of follow up tech support and frustration before the gift winds up in the hall closet for good. If your Mom is anything like mine, the best technology gifts are ones that are straightforward and don’t have a lot of bells and whistles.

Quads Can Be Super Fun

There is nothing like riding over open terrain on a quad. What might be considered obstacles for some vehicles are merely challenges for a quad or ATV. It’s fun to feel the wind blowing as you ride. Safety is an important factor too, which most quad owners are aware of.

What is the Capital Asset Pricing Model?

The value of an asset or group of assets is a central concept in investments and is crucial to an investor’s success. Some investment tools, like derivatives, even derive value directly from assets. The Capital Asset Pricing Model is a way of calculating the rate of return for an asset given a variety of different factors.

Renting or buying a laptop – Which option should I choose?

In certain businesses it is far more sensible to rent a computer. It’s a clever, cost-effective method for use in presentations or spaces that have been hired for corporate training. This is only the case if you intend to use this computer on a rare basis.

A Review of Identity Thief (2013)

What exactly would you do if you found out that your identity was stolen by a woman you’ve never met? That’s the premise of the movie Identity Thief, which was released in 2013.