Spice Up Your Life with a Cooking Class

When you think about cooking, do you think about a chore that you would rather do without? The truth is that cooking is a task which can be as engaging as any other art or skill, and a cooking class is where you can learn to appreciate it. Cooking classes cover a wide variety of topics, and you will be amazed at what you can discover.

The Top 5 Players in the NBA

It seems like the Miami Heat were hoisting the trophy just a few weeks ago, but the 2012-2013 NBA season is already nearly finished. In a league filled with larger-than-life superstars, it can be difficult to narrow the field down to the five most impressive, but we’ve done just that. Here is a list of players which can arguably be considered the top 5 players in the league.

Where Is Our Country Headed?

Let me begin by asking you a simple question, Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Now answer this, Where do you see your country in 5 years? Does these questions make you think in two different routes? Do you think your personal ambitions and growth in the coming years is more attractive than that of your country? And are you actually fine with it?

The Trouble with High Pitch Roofs

A high-pitched roof, which is a steep roofing system made up of angled pieces that join together, are widely popular in areas with heavy precipitation or heavy snowfall because they are less likely to develop leaks. This roofing style also creates more space inside of a home and can add to the architectural appeal of the property.

Simple tricks for making your garden a nice place

Every garden, no matter how small, can be a beautiful place where you will spend a lot of time relaxing and enjoying nature. It is only a matter of organization and planning. If you put a little heart into it, your garden will give it back to you multiple times.

A funny way of telling you to sell your stuff

If you live in India you probably have already seen one of many ads involving people wondering if they should sell stuff that is just lying around their house. Well, what’s behind these ads is OLX, a website for free online classified ads where you can sell or buy any type of product!

Are Toupees Extinct?

The toupee, a hairpiece for men which is designed to conceal a receding hairline or other types of hair loss, has become something of a joke within the fashion and beauty industry, and even among the general public. One of the primary reasons for this is that finding a toupee that even remotely appears to be natural is a difficult task.

iPad 2 – A brilliant device to carry

iPad 2 has everything you need. It has concentrated on all big things and yet as not lost its touch on the tiniest thing. The device has groundbreaking features. There are loads of specs you can never find in other devices. If you can call a device brilliant and mean every syllable of it, then the iPad 2 is the apt gadget to be called so.

Experience the new world of Sony Xperia P

Sony disclosed its new phone Sony Xperia S, During the CES 2012. Xperia S is Sony’s first handset after it has parted from Ericsson. After this, Sony added two more handsets, and they are Sony Xperia U and Sony Xperia P. These new handsets are called as Mid-Range Android handsets. In this article, we are going to discuss about Sony Xperia P.

Best Lights for Working Late on the Job

The best lights for working outside in the dark will illuminate the area and meet other needs. Suitable for outdoor use, they can be left out in the rain and weather without worrying about fires. Available in countless styles and power levels, they also work with different power sources.

Pass the Pesto Please

Pesto has to be one of the most versatile sauces in Italian cuisine. It can go on almost any food: meat, pasta, sandwiches, soup, vegetables…catch my drift? I’m not just speaking of the traditional basil pesto, although I do love the classics, but there are so many other varieties to be tasted and experimented with.

Tips for Insuring Your Luxury Vehicle

If you own a luxury vehicle, it’s probably one of your most important possessions. A Bentley or Ferrari is more than a status symbol; it represents the hard work that went into earning such a magnificent vehicle. Such a large investment deserves to be protected, and an appropriate auto insurance policy is the best thing you can buy to keep your vehicle safe.


My First eBook – Download FREE for You!!!

Believe me, it was easier thought than done, I have never imagined myself writing more than a few pages, and the thought of writing several pages of the same topic, was like a nightmare. However much time I gave it, I couldnt come up with what would be the best topic which I could write about and make a book out of it.

Why I Love My Samsung Chromebook

The idea appealed to me. A decent priced computer that was “worry free”. Plus I already used, Google Chrome, Google+, and Google TV. My hesitation was that I run a community theatre and we used Dropbox and Office for everything.

Who you callin’ “grease monkey”?

The term “grease monkey” dates back to the Industrial Revolution, when small children were hired to grease industrial machinery and make minor repairs. Because their work required them to scamper about, like monkeys, and because they were always soaked in grease and oil, they came to be called “grease monkeys”.