5 Tips for Livening up Your Living Room

When you think of your living room, do you imagine it could be better? Do you wish it had more personality, more color, or a better ambience? The living room is a space that many families take for granted.

A Bloggers Retrospective of 2012

As the year is coming to an end (and now that the world did not actually end), I thought it would be wise to sum up all of what happened to my ever-growing passion of blogging and what are some of the mistakes that I did and how I plan to change my focus for the upcoming new year – 2013.

How to Capture Great Moments on a Cruise With an Ordinary Camera

Taking a cruise is exciting and adventurous, so it’s filled with moments you want to capture. The problem is that even the most luxurious cruise ships constantly move and your camera isn’t going to get its sea legs. The good news is that there are several essential tips that make it easy to take beautiful, professional-looking photos even when the water gets rough.

Every Person Should Think about Military Gear

Armed Forces Merchandise Outlet has a wide range of best combat boots, which you can consider getting to start your collection. The good thing about getting these boots will be the fact that you will be able to use them any time you want to.

Custom Printed Shopping Bags – Make your Business More Visible

When you have your own business, its very important to make continuous efforts to build your customer base because this is the only way to ensure your long term growth. If you don’t sell products under your own brand, getting your customers to remember your business becomes quite difficult.

Taking Advantage of Online Promotions

When you are in a situation where you want to save money, or you are just someone who is invested in paying less for more, you need to look into online deals. There are plenty of different organizations, large and small, which will offer you exclusive deals online.

How to Have a Generous, Organized Holiday Season

Whether it’s Christmas, Hannukah, Festival of Lights, or New Year’s, the holidays evoke in many of us a chronic anxiety, like a months-long, low-grade panic attack. And no wonder—a lot of pressure goes into preparing for the holiday season. Shopping. Cooking. Decorating. Shopping. Organizing. Card-writing. Shopping.


Top 10 Pinterest Pins For The Week

The Top 10 Pinterest Pins for the week ending 12/23.

Sales Funnel Psychology 101

Like any online marketer, you want to understand the consumer first and don’t waste a lot of time. Sales is the heart and blood of any business, I don’t care the type. The industry or the service. It’s about sales. If you are wasting most of your time to develop sales plan, technique, shiny objects or magic pill, you are totally missing the boat.

Catching Hold of Time

All great men and women in every walk of life use time effectively and you can too. Of all the gifts that mankind has been endowed with time is irreplaceable. It perishes at the fastest rate. No one can preserve it. Nor can anyone shut it tight to prevent it from escaping.

All About File Deletion and Recovery

If any of your file is deleted accidentally or unfortunately operating system crashes and in that case you have lost some very important data; then do not be worried anymore. There is a myth that if you delete any file or folder containing files is deleted then it goes to recycle bin automatically and when recycle bin gets deleted, all files permanently deleted.

Top 10 Pinterest Pins For The Week

These are the Top 10 pins I found on pinterest this week. They are from various categories and was of interest to me. Hope you like them too. Happy Pinning

Getting the Most of your Graduate School Experience

Be prepared to pursue post-graduate work, but don’t start to feel overwhelmed just yet. With a few tips, you can stay relaxed and level-headed as you conquer graduate school.

How to Market Art Work or Photographs

Many artists and photographers fear marketing their work online, because other web users or online businesses could copy the digital images and use in unrelated marketing campaigns. However, if the images are properly protected this won’t happen.

Visit Pismo Beach, California

The pretty oceanfront town of Pismo Beach of about eight thousand residents is in the southern County of San Luis Obispo, the California’s Central Coast area. Pismo Beach is approximately half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Poor Customer Service: Key tips to kill a business

When you are starting out, there’s always the notion that you are building a big world class business. At least that’s what is said in your head. Sometimes we are totally delusional about that and since customer service is not taught in school and colleges as well as in the University of Hardknocks, you are often given the feeling that it’s a nice set of information from a book