4 Reasons Going Back to School May be an Idea you Can Wait On

Recently on Daily Morning Coffee, blogger Rosemary Silverman wrote a very insightful post that gave readers reasons for knowing when it’s time to pause your career and head back to school.

Make Money From VigLink

It has been a while since I wrote this article on VigLink – A Retrospective, and since then I sort of concentrated on many other affiliate programs and CPC tools. But one good thing about VigLink is that once you have your API Key installed in your site, you really dont have to do anything else with it.

How to improve your High Availability

High availability refers to the system designed to avoid loss of service by minimizing planned downtime of the system. Downtime here refers to the unavailability of the system for the users to access.

How To Find The Perfect Venue

When planning any event, the most important aspect is finding the perfect location to hold it. This applies for anything from workplace functions to birthday parties to stag nights, as the right surroundings and facilities will drastically add to the overall atmosphere, convenience and fun of the event.

How to Find Affordable Car Insurance

Car insurance provides a valuable safety cushion for many drivers. While car insurance won’t reduce one’s risk of an accident, it can reduce the negative financial repercussions of a vehicle accident.

Udacity: Democratizing Education

Human intelligence is democratic regardless of class status. However, an educated mind is a powerful mind. It questions, invents and discovers limitless solutions.

Spoiled Palates and Eating Local

Local food is the next big trend in sustainable living. Eating locally has many benefits: it supports your immediate community; it helps reduce the use of fossil fuels; it cuts down on the need for extra packaging; and it even helps you ensure the safety of your food.

How Can You Make Money with Pinterest

There are tons of other ways for you to earn money online. The most known is by freelancing or working as a blogger; however, not everyone has heard about making money with pinterest.

Improve Credit

Simple Steps to Build and Protect Credit Ratings

It does not take too many poor financial decisions to damage a person’s credit rating. Credit scores can be finicky and can quickly take a negative turn if a person is not diligent about spending wisely.

Blog Passion

How to Keep Your Blog Passion

Of the millions of blogs across the Internet, a very large percentage of them have been abandoned, and many of those were abandoned within just a few posts.

5 Things You Can Learn From the Olympics

5 Things You Can Learn From the Olympics

Every four years everyday life as we know it pauses, and everywhere around the world people take a collective breath in anticipation as they watch their own countries compete for the gold.

How Well You Understand SEO

Panda and Penguin are no longer animals seen on the alphabet chart by your kids. Panda was released by Google in 2011 which provided guidelines to those who were out there wanting to optimize their websites.

Killing Time in Gatwick

No one will ever tell you that spending hours in an airport is enjoyable; if you want to entertain yourself, you might have to get creative. Many people flying home from London choose to forgo the hustle and bustle of the crowds at Heathrow and fly out of Gatwick instead.


The Fake Science Approach to Copywriting

Running any type of blog or website requires written content. Without content, search engines have no way of judging the relative value of your site, nor can they rank it accordingly for things like search terms, informational value, etc.

Inheritance Tax

4 Things You May Not Know About Inheritance Tax

If you don’t understand what receiving an inheritance can mean to you in the way of taxes, you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed and, ultimately, in trouble with the IRS and your state’s taxation office.

Google Vs Bing Search

Google versus Bing: The Ultimate Search Engine Battle

Today’s desktops and laptops are changing the way people shop, connect, and gather information online. The search engine showdown between Bing and Google is more like a modern version of Pepsi and Coke.