Landlord Banks Present Solution to a Sticky Problem

The banks were heavily criticized for loose lending practices before the housing crisis. They are now paying the price for those easy lending guidelines. As people walked away from unaffordable homes, banks found themselves trying to move properties no one wanted. Selling the properties at huge discounts hurt the banks and the neighborhoods around those homes. However, some banks have found a solution by turning foreclosures into rentals.

3 Ignored Traffic Sources on the Internet

If there’s one thing bloggers will give anything for on the Internet, it’s traffic. After you’ve spent time doing your research and written your best work, the very last thing you want is to see your effort go to waste, only to be read by your best friend. Understanding SEO can be difficult for the majority of bloggers out there. We spend hours commenting on blogs to get a few eyeballs on our work.

Get Paid To Write A Guest Post!!

Are you a freelance writer? Do you love the passion for writing original articles about varying topics? I am certain you would have submitted many articles to many blogs and websites where they would have published them and provided a link back to your social profile or even a personal website. Today there are many blogs which accept Guest Posts, including mine (check out Write For DMC), where writers can get noticed a little bit more by submitting quality content.

How to monitor your employee activities through Mobile Spy?

Monitoring employees is indeed one of the most significant tasks for employers in every organization. The need to monitor employees primarily arises, when employers sense that their employees are not being loyal to their company. As a result, the growth of business and profits may come to a halt. One of the most effective ways to monitor the whereabouts of employees is through their cell phone.

Kickstart Your Day with a Great Workout

Everyone knows that the body and mind need to be sustained at high energy levels through the day to meet the rigours of traveling, working, domestic chores and so on. One of the ways in which you can meet these high energy demands is to jump start your day with a great workout. Unfortunately, things like busy schedules, early morning laziness and the need to save time and rush off to work get in the way of a healthy start to a great day.

Improve Your Home’s Security With These 5 Social Media Tips

In the day and age we live in today social media is all around us. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, or Google+, everyone is on at least one of them. With so many ways to connect with your friends and family, social media can have a lot of positive effects. Here’s a question: Have you ever sat down and thought whether you’re social media activity could endanger your home’s security?

Job Seekers – Tips to Overcome Long-term Unemployment

For the time being, the number of joblessness in America remarkably increases. In the end of 2011, the number of unemployed people reaches 13.2 million and around 5.6 millions of them or 40% were long-term unemployed. For that means is there are many people who became jobless for more than six months. Thus, those people require tips to overcome long-term unemployment so they will be hired as soon as possible.