Landing Pages – Explained & Discussed

Landing Pages are those web pages that are designed specifically to promote a business or a product or even request permission to sign-up for newsletters and feeds. It is very important for this page to build trust in the reader from the very beginning and ensure that there is not too much information or too less information in the page. Since this is the page that the visitor is directly lead to in hopes of making a sales-lead, one also has to keep in mind that it has the right information which any visitor might be interested in the website. Landing Pages play an important role in internet marketing for a company as it leads visitors to leads and to potential sales!!!

The Real Benefits of Office Carpet Cleaning

The people who work for you spend a massive amount of their waking time in your office. On average people work a 40 hour week, so once you factor in arrival and leaving time, it’s reasonable to suppose that they’re spending at least half their waking weekly hours in your building. And this is the real reason why office carpet cleaning London is so important to your business.

Alarm Installation – Everything You Need to Know

All types of buildings and even cars are burglarized every day and it is not possible to be alert 365 days a year. In the past people designed and built their homes specifically to safeguard them from thieves but today people have started using home security alarms to safeguard their valuables and assets. A home security alarm comprises of home security devices and choosing an alarm depends on the security needs and the area to be covered for security.

Top 5 Free Anti-Virus Software for 2012

This is the 2nd time in the last 2 years that my laptop was affected with some trojan which corrupted my entire hard-disk and made it practically un-usable. All I could do was replace my laptop with a brand new one or remove my 500GB hard drive and put in a new one. All this crap…thanks to some freak who loved to hack systems and get personal information and of course mis-using the same.

Talking with Your Children about their Online Profiles

Most parents are terrified of the internet (at least a little) because of the risks it poses to their children. From sexual activities (access to pornography, “sexting” and sexual predators) to financial pitfalls (large wireless service bills, expensive games that start off “free”, malware that facilitates identity theft), the internet introduces dangers that didn’t exist just a few decades ago.

5 Small Meals a Day Planner for Indian Vegetarians

We Indians have always been accustomed to 3 square meals a day – breakfast, lunch & dinner. Of course we also tend to snack upon deep-fried vegetable pakodas(tempuras) every so often without even giving a second thought to our health and nutritional intake in all we eat. So what is all this fuss about 5 small meals a day, how can one get used to having 5 small cravings and resist the temptation to eat more and thus have 5 big meals a day and end up even more obese than before!!!