Five Ways to Rediscover the City You Live In

I grew up in the city, and as a city girl, I often find myself tired out with the concrete buildings and paved roads of my home.

However, I’ve also found something out: the city doesn’t just hustle and bustle, it changes every single day! And I can actually find new things in old places, as well as old treasures in new places. Let me share with you five ways by which you can rediscover your city, have some fun, and not grow tired of where you live in.

Five Different Ways to Enjoy the Beach

Are you ready to go to the beach? It’s not a place for you just to swim or get a tan (which is probably not a good idea, anyway). It’s the best place for you to relax, drink in nature, and breathe out all your stress.

You need a place to unwind, so why not pack up your bags and head for the seashore? Here are a few tips for you to enjoy the many wonders a beach vacation can give you.

Tips & Tricks for Android OS

Once onto my new phone, I went about exploring the new features and widgets available and was amazed at how open the Android Market is as compared to the Apple OS. There are a lot more free apps which is of primary concern to most of us trying to get something at no cost!!! Apart from these, there are some cool things you could do to make your phone customized to your liking. So, I thought why not share them with you and in return we could exchange ideas to make our phones even smarter 🙂

4 Steps to Improve Your Life

Sometimes things go wrong and we find ourselves feeling really down.

During these moments many of us start wishing that someone comes and saves us or helps us with our problems

How many times you felt like you wanted to be saved?

And how many times no one did?

During these tough moments your thoughts might be clouded by the emotional pain you are experiencing and as a result you might not notice an extremely important fact which is that you are the only one who can save himself!

Taking and Choosing Great Photos to Accompany Blog Posts

A blog that doesn’t have vibrant photos looks bland. That statement may not be a news flash, but it’s surprising how many bloggers ignore the power of photo essays, and insert one small shot at the top or bottom. No matter what the topic, there should be a few photos that are relevant, even if it’s just a photo of sky, nature, children, pets or a leather sectional.

4 Things to Keep In Mind Before Starting A Business

If you are reading this blog, chances are that you are either an established business owner, or—what’s much more likely—you are considering starting a business but don’t know yet exactly how to go about it. Fed up with your corporate desk job, assured of the fact that you are ten times smarter than the guy at the top, you get it in your head that it’s time to strike out on your own; it’s time to start your own business.