How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

DailyMorningCoffee welcomes Ivan Dimitrijevic with his first Guest Article. Ivan D. is part time blogger and online enthusiast. He contributes to many blogs including Red Baron Pool Supplies, writing about inspirational pool design, pool equipment and maintenance, pool chemicals, salt chlorinators and pool pumps.

The Naked Truth About Srinivas Rao

Srinivas Rao is the author and founder of TheSkoolOfLIfe where he blogs about how to nurture one’s behavioral skills and learn new things in everyday life. He has some real-time examples of his experiences and has a wonderful way of narrating them. Continue reading to get to know him better and learn what the Skool Of Life has to offer you.

LivingSocial Deals for Feb 27

LivingSocial Deals for Feb 27

Three Excellent Ways to Green Your Kitchen Floors

We all know that the term eco friendly means friend to the environment. It can mean that a certain product was either made with the use of earth friendly or reclaimed materials, that the product will not harm the environment when used or that the product has a long lifespan. Green does not refer to just one kind of product; the truth is that there are earth friendly counterparts to almost every product that we use.

The Naked Truth About Barry Wells

The King of Internet Marketing is here!!!!!! Barry Wells has been a virtual guide to learn how to be successful in the field of Internet Marketing for all newbies around here in the blogging world. You add him as a friend and follow him on one his social profiles, and am sure he will have something to offer to you, maybe like a few tidbits about your own blog or website.

The Naked Truth About Bill Dorman

If you do not know Bill Dorman yet, you have missed out some of the well written ingenious articles by him, which you should really go and check out in his archives. Though I should say I have known him from a short while ago, he is a person who will make you feel comfortable from the very first interaction with him, with his funny one-liners and humorous remarks and comments.

7 Benefits And Perks Of Good Travel

It doesn’t matter if you’re a bohemian traveler, a business traveler or a leisure seeker, there are certain perks and benefits you acquire through the sheer number of miles you rack up year after year. Aside from the all the groovy fun, the people you meet and the places you get to visit and see, below are seven additional benefits and perks of good travel.

The Naked Truth About Jamie Northrup

Jamie Northrup is a Web Consultant and owns and operators his personal blog – along with 7 other blogs about Business Cards, Rap Music, WordPress Themes, MoneyMaking Opportunities and the like.

LivingSocial Deals for Feb 17

LivingSocial Deals for Feb 17

Heard of Alphabetimals??

Just today I came across this wonderful website which makes it easier for you to teach alphabets to your young ones. If you have a child in the age of learning alphabets, here is an easy way to make all the learning a fun activity. The website Alphabetimals has all the alphabets in the form of animals and it is just like a flip-book where you can go through the alphabets and hear the animal sounds and the name of the animal for each one.

LivingSocial Deals for Feb 15

LivingSocial Deals for Feb 15

Finding the Best Online Resources for Tracking and Analyzing Crime

Part of keeping our homes and our families safe is understanding (and avoiding) the dangers that surround us. If vehicle theft is prominent in your neighborhood, for example, you should think about getting a more advanced car alarm. If it’s burglary, you’re going to want to get the best home security system that you can based on your budget.

LivingSocial Deals for Feb 13

LivingSocial Deals for Feb 13

Three Eco Friendly Spring Fashion Trends For Women

Eco is trending big time nowadays with thankfully no signs of slowing down. Every day in seemingly every way we hear buzz words like all natural, biodegradable, sustainable and recyclable being used. The world needs green changes in order for a pollution and toxic-free environment to be seen and our eyes are finally opening up to this disturbing fact.

I Accept the 7 Link Challenge

My first attempt at blogging was way back in 2008 when I started out with and wrote for almost a couple of months. I have to say now that back then, I didnt have a sense of direction with what I was writing and all my articles were about friends and family and finally my daughter. After a while, my ideas dried up and I gave up!!!

The Naked Truth About Catherine Alexandra

Cat, as she is better known as, writes for her website which I have found as a well designed and maintained blog. Recently, she has published a page where you can “promote yourself and your blog” with as many links back to your website or your social profiles.