What is Toxic Childhood Stress

Having a toddler at home is stressful enough for parents and sometimes we tend to stress out for unwanted stuff in our daily routines. There were times in my daughter’s early years when we stressed out at not getting a full night sleep, having to get up every couple of hours to check her bed or she would cry out loud in the middle of the night and after all that disturbance, it was hard to go back to sleep. That is when we realize the importance of sleep in a human’s day of life, without proper amount of sleep all your organs tend to stress out and that also leads to unhappy scenarios at home and work.

The Naked Truth About Nico Julius

He calls himself the “WordPressNinja” and true to his blog’s title, he surely has some very interesting articles about CMS tools and WordPress in particular. Nico Julius has been writing for his blog wordpressninja.com for more than a year now and has covered most of the technical aspects of the wonderful blogging tool with emphasis on plugins, reviewing several books and third-party tools, various themes and how to customize them with a few little tweaks of the CSS and also he has a section of “WordPress Tutorials” which you really need to check out.