How to Stress Less at Work (an Infographic)

I came across this InfoGraphic and thought this should be a nice way to start the near year for all us. Work Stress has been a constant cause of anxiety and tension in everybody’s life which needs to be managed effectively and never let it ruin your personal life.

For many workers the holiday season brings with it additional stresses, including deadlines that come with the end of the year.

Cuppa Sunshine With My Coffee

It was an honor and privilege for me to be receiving this wonder “Sunshine Award” from a well known blogger and writer such as Ruth. It has been a wonderful journey for me over the past few months since I started this blog, and the even more relishing fact is that I have got to know people like Ruth who have set some standards in this blogging world and been professional enough to share their thoughts with all of us.

VigLink – A Retrospective

I had written a post recommending VigLink as one of the most easy yet effective ways to add affiliate links to your posts without having to worry about manual intervention. You can read the entire post here – VigLink – A Review.

I wanted to share with you that from the time I wrote that article, my monthly earnings from this tool has been small but steady. There have been considerable number of clicks on the numerous affiliate links added by VigLink.