Top LinkedIn Plugins For Your Blog

I am glad to have been accepted and published on Bryce Christiansen’s It has been a pleasure to know Bryce and get acquainted with him and his excellent articles. Do read a summary of my article below.

The 20 Most Expensive Google Adwords-Keywords

Back in July of 2011, the search marketing company WordStream released a study which uses the Google Keyword Tool to search for the top 10,000 expensive words in the english dictionary, in their study they have summarised that “insurance” related keywords make up 24% of the Google Adwords Revenue(i.e. 24% of a whopping $33 million).

Get Paid For your Blog Content using VigLink (A Review)

VigLink is an easy to use affiliate program where you register your website and include a small piece of code in one of your pages and you are all set. The program will auto-convert many of those keywords you have used in each and every post of yours into an affiliate link.

Dropbox said “NO” to Steve Jobs

Back in December of 2009, Steve Jobs of Apple had invited a young software engineer – Drew Houston, for a private meeting to discuss where they were heading in the “Cloud” storage business. Houston is of the “DropBox” fame today, but back then he was another entrepreneur with a clear vision and objective.

Top 10 Blog Posts – A Roundup

My blog turns 5months today!!!!!

In my incredible journey into this blogging world, I have had a lot of ups and downs, more of “ups” I should admit, have met(virtually) some of the most incredible bloggers around the world, made good friends and followers to my blog, as well as set a good standard of blogging practice to myself.

Nokia Announced Nokia 603 – A review

This is a Guest Article written by Matthew who specializes in web designing and web development. Matthew works for a web design and web development company specializing in Dubai Web Design and Web Design Beijing

Cant Say No to these Friendly Gadgets

This Guest Article is written by Kevin Moor, who also writes for, a site emphasizing on how to speed up computer.

How to Remove Draft Posts from your Recent Posts

A few weeks back, I redesigned my plain looking footer to include Popular Posts, Categories, Most Recent Posts and also all the other websites & blogs where my article has been featured

A Tablet for your Kid – All New LeapPad

One look at the product and my wife decided it would be the next thing we will buy to our daughter, and I completely agree with this. The LeapPad was recently released by LeapFrog and is the new personalized learning tablet just for kids!

Kopi Luwak (You may stop drinking coffee after reading this)

Do you know which is the Most Expensive Coffee in the whole world? If you are thinking in the lines of a Jamaican or a Hawaiin brand, you are way off…it is the Indonesian coffee called Kopi Luwak.

Secure Your Privacy Settings with Facebook

This Guest Article is written by Kevin Moor who writes for, a site featuring interesting and informative reviews on data recovery.

Google Real Time & StumbleUpon

Yesterday evening changed my view on the Real Time feature in GA. I posted a new article – Most Expensive Sites Ever Sold and as a routine task, I started sharing the post on all my social networks, however this time I had my analytics page open and checked if any difference it made to the real time numbers.

World’s Top Ten Expensive Sites Ever Sold

Domain Names buying and selling has been there ever since the internet was discovered and we all know that one can make some good hard cash by selling key domain names.

$169 for a $450 value – 24hrs remaining to expire!!!

Waves and unruly curling are great at the beach, but inside the Beltway, frizz-free is the way to be. Luckily, you can let things fall perfectly into place with today’s 62%-off deal:

MixBook – A Review

Mixbook is the hottest place to create and share customizable photo books, cards, and calendars, all online—with no download required. Mixbook’s intuitive online software allows you to quickly and easily create professional looking masterpieces and fully personalize them with thousands of free creative elements.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Gamers at < $50.00

With ThanksGiving around the corner and Christmas fast approaching, you should be wondering what to buy and where to buy for those near and dear ones. Here I would like to list out the top 10 gifts you could choose from for kids and adults of all ages interested in games and accessories.